How To Choose the Best Courier Service For Your Business

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Did you know that 72.7 percent of consumers are unlikely to repeat business with a site after a bad delivery experience? For eCommerce sites, exceptional delivery is one of the factors that will differentiate you from your competitors. As such, your choice of courier service matters. 

Great courier services are akin to commendable delivery. The benefits of working with the best courier services are undeniable. You’ll rest easy knowing that your products are being handled in the best way. 

Given the number of courier companies available, you need to be critical before settling for one. So, how do you choose the best courier service for your business? Read our guide to help you choose the best courier service. 

Weight and Size Limitations  

Your products’ weight and size are factors you shouldn’t ignore when looking for courier service. Some items are considerably larger, meaning that you will incur extra costs for delivery. Besides, you might find couriers without enough capacity to carry bulky items.  

Courier service providers measure your goods using the volumetric weight to know how heavy or large your products are. These companies use the volumetric weight as the actual weight of your items, which determines their capacity to deliver to clients.

The best way to know your goods’ weight is to check digital marketplaces for the product listing. Sites such as eBay or Amazon are a great place to see the products’ weight in detail.

Faster Delivery

About 87% of online shoppers consider shipping speed crucial in deciding to shop with an online store again. While the price is also a crucial factor, speed has been fronted as one of the primary considerations.

Delivery delays can have a negative reputation on your brand, leading to a decline in your sales. If you want your customers to have increased confidence in your business, timely delivery should be a priority. Customers often expect a maximum delivery time of about five days. 

Shorter delivery times will give you a competitive edge. For same-day courier service, Mobile One Courier & Logistics is one of the companies you can consider. You won’t have to necessarily pay more for the service as you can incorporate the extra cost in the final customers’ shipping fees.

Courier Service Company’s Experience 

A courier service with vast experience is incomparable to a new entrant. It would help to check out the number of years a courier service has been in operation to establish its experience in the sector. You can get this information from a company’s website.

An experienced company has better reach and network. It has a team with skills and resources to address the common mishaps that a courier is likely to encounter. With their years of experience, your parcel has more chances of reaching the intended destination most safely.

If you’re looking for a reliable partner to provide courier services, the years of experience ought to be a great guide. However, you should vet the companies as years of experience doesn’t always guarantee quality services. 

Proof of Delivery 

Failure to deliver items to your customers or late deliveries can collapse your business. When sourcing for a courier service, check whether the company provides proof of delivery. You’ll be at peace, knowing that the shipping company meets your expectations on every aspect related to delivery.

Your shipping partner ought to have parcel tracking to ensure that both you and your clients have peace of mind during the entire delivery process. With online order tracking, recipients and shippers will know when the products will be delivered. 

 If your customers get an exceptional delivery experience, they will pay you with loyalty. Proof of delivery is the best approach to ensure that you’re getting the best courier services. Improving the unboxing experience of the package differentiates your business even more.

Cost to Value  

The cost of outsourcing shipping tends to add up occasionally. It would be best to work out the delivery cost given against the value you get from the business. The comparison can be challenging since considering the value revolves around improving customer experience.

As you work towards your goal, consider other forms of success that are probably unquantifiable. It’s possible to measure the value that you’ll be getting from your business based on the reviews your courier service gets. You might also send a quick survey to see if your clients are satisfied with the shipping services.

While you want to lower your overhead costs, opting for cheap courier services might negatively impact your customers’ shipping experience. Start your search by verifying the reliability of the courier service. You can negotiate the prices once you’re certain that the provider has what it takes to offer exceptional shipping.

Customer Service  

If your shipping provider has poor service, customers will relate the negative experience to your brand, not the courier service. Remarkable customer service will have a significant impact on how customers perceive your brand. While the kind of customer service portrayed by these shipping companies is beyond you, it can help to research and vet thoroughly before settling on a local courier service.

Check a courier’s online reviews. You can draw considerable conclusions from the reviews and ratings. If most reviews are negative, that’s already a red flag. Customers tend to convey their satisfaction or lack of it through the reviews. 

When shopping for a courier service, you need to remember that your customers will be interacting more with the courier service than with you. Their behavior will determine whether customers will be looking forward to repeat shopping.

Choosing the Best Courier Service Is Crucial

If you’re outsourcing your delivery services, be attentive to the choice of courier service. It would be best if you had a partner who will deliver goods to customers within the right time and in the best state. As such, settling for the best isn’t an option; you have to.

Other than the years of experience, consider a courier service with the best customer service, proof of delivery, weight limitations, and faster delivery. Your customers will have a worthwhile experience when you choose the right courier service for smarter shipping and dedicated deliveries.

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