Create A Welcoming Atmosphere In Your Restaurant With Accessibility Renovations

how to create welcoming atmosphere restaurant accessibility renovations

If you run a restaurant, you should know that one of the best ways to improve your business is by making it more accessible. When you do this, you will have made the atmosphere in your restaurant considerably more welcoming. If you are unsure of exactly how you can go about doing this, the truth is that there are a number of ways. Here are some of the renovations that you can make to your restaurant with accessibility in mind, leaving a lasting impression on your diners.

Create An Accessible Entryway And Walkways

The first change that you should make is right at the entrance. Select a few parking spaces and designate them for special use. These should be close to the restaurant and have room enough for vehicles that have wheelchair ramps. An accessible entrance should be at the end of a ramp that has a slight slope and safety rails.

Making this renovation will make it easier for guests with disabilities to access your restaurant. You may be surprised to learn that this is a considerably large number of people. That is because at least 1.3 million disabled people in America are under guardianship, according to the National Council on Disability.

Train Your Employees

Next, come up with a training plan for your employees to help them learn how to serve customers who have disabilities. This is a great way to make clients more trusting of your restaurant as they will see that you care about everyone’s needs. This will be great for business, given the fact that 81% of consumers need to first trust a brand before they can consider using their services.

As part of the training that you provide for your staff, there should be details such as having them read out written documents, such as menus, to customers who have low vision or are blind. Additionally, employees should always carry a pad and pen so that they can exchange notes with customers who have any difficulty with hearing or speaking. Such measures can help make your restaurant more accommodating for people with special needs.

Make Sure That Seating Is Accessible

The seating in your restaurant also needs to be accessible. This may involve ensuring that the counters are low enough to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act. These may be separate from the general seating area if your restaurant is large enough. If counters have any edges or steps, you need to mark them with high-visibility colors to make them hard to miss.

If there is a special event in session, remember to include accessible tables, making allowances for chairs to be removed so that people on scooters or wheelchairs can be accommodated. Keep in mind that there are over 1 million restaurants in America alone, according to Statista. This means that it would be quite easy for guests to leave and find another restaurant that may be more accessible and comfortable for any special needs that they may have.

Offer Accessible Bathrooms

Finally, so that guests at your restaurant can have privacy and some degree of independence while dining in your restaurant, provide accessible bathrooms. The bathrooms should have handrails to help guests with balance and low sinks and toilets so that they are easier to reach. Adjust the doors to make them easier to open, and keep pathways clear at all times. These are some of the main guidelines that you should keep in mind as far as bathrooms go!

A lack of accessibility in your restaurant can negatively impact not just the guest in question but the people that they may be dining with as well. This is an extra touch that can help you make your business more popular than it is, so it is worth the investment. Start with the renovations that you can make and then work your way to the rest, and in time, you will enjoy the fruits of your labor.