What Yoga, Meditating, and Blogging & Vlogging Everyday Can Do For Your Health + Wealth

what daily vlogging blogging yoga meditation do for health and wealth

What Yoga, Meditating, and Blogging Everyday Can Do For Your Health & Wealth

We all desire to transform our lives in some way. Find out, What Yoga, Meditating, and Blogging Everyday Can Do For Your Health and Wealth.

Do you desire more in your life?

I’m 43, not quite ready to be in a mid-life crisis, but yearn for a big change.

First thing that I needed to do was look at any old habits that were holding me back from greatness.

Well, I had been rocking on the bed, listening to music or watching TV ever since I was 8 years old.

Can you see a 43 year old rocking back and forth on a bed?

It’s not suiting me anymore. It’s an old habit that I have used as an escape from my reality.

I realized it was just as bad as any other addiction.

I have used it instead of doing other important things in my life, like working online, staying present with my girlfriend, and facing stillness that I have been running away from for a long time.

Reality really changes when you sit still.

I always felt like I was travelling while rocking. Maybe, that was part of the fantasy when I started rocking when I was 8.

The fact is, I wasn’t traveling. I was daydreaming about things that would never come to me if I just kept rocking. Kind of like an Alcoholic always dreaming of big success, but they just take another drink instead. That’s why it was like an addiction and it needed to stop.

What is truly holding you back from achieving greatness?

On average, we watch 6 hours of TV.

Maybe somewhere deep inside of those people they know they should be doing more.

But, TV is so frickin’ good these days, which is actually scary.

I don’t even watch TV, but if I get near one it sucks me in pretty fast! Imagine the time and energy we would get back if we stopped the TV madness?

We are so talented if we really focus.

We can choose to focus on the negative and feed it poison to grow more poisonous habits and thoughts, or we can feed positive light within us and truly transform the world.

I just saw a video of a 5 year old doing every move of Bruce Lee’s movie, Game of Death, move for move with Nunchucks facing his back to the TV.

He didn’t even watch the TV as he did the moves. He did it all from memory or from the sound of the movie.

I also saw a video of Bruce Lee playing against two guys in a match of Ping Pong using his Nunchucks. He beat them.

People are truly gifted. We all have this power inside of us.

I don’t know about you, but I want to finally tap into this internal greatness before it’s too late.

I started a 108 day Yoga challenge last week.

The DVD set is called “The Ultimate Yogi with Travis Eliot.” It’s the top-rated Yoga DVD set on Amazon for good reason.

It comes with 12 DVDs that range from Cardio to Detox to Sun Salutations. I am not trying to sell you this, I am merely describing the tools I have acquired to change my life.

The DVD set comes with a calendar of the 108 days of what module you will be watching.

Yoga is harder than you think. I am very sore. His Cardio program has brought some serious professional athletes to their knees.

I already feel my arms and stomach getting harder. I want to get very flexible and lean before I go to Peru in May.

I want to be sexy as an older man like Sting. I want to travel the world in Khakis and have that luxurious tan and inner glow of a truly wealth person, financially and spiritually.

Who is your role model?

I know my role models used to be drunken poets, like Charles Bukowski.

Funny how we change.

Imagine how you would feel if you just cut out one bad thing out of your diet.

That biggest change was replacing all sugar with Stevia. The body does not treat Stevia like sugar, yet Stevia is from a fibrous plant and is sweet.

Another thing I started seriously last week was Meditating.

This was what replaced the rocking.

Instead of rocking back and forth, I sit still and meditate.

I concentrate on my breathing and if any thoughts come in, I snap back and listen to my breath or repeat a word like “abundance” or “Om God.”

Within one week I saw some phenomenal changes. . .

I had a big problem speaking to people without getting anxious.

After the first week of meditating, I noticed that I spoke longer without getting nervous and I looked people in the eye longer.

I also was more articulate, verbally and written.

When you clear your mind back to a clear slate, you are actually developing more grey matter in your brain and developing new neuro pathways.

Imagine meditating one hour a night, instead of one hour of TV.

Your life would transform.

Enter the 90 day Blog Blitz

I have been making money online since 2011, but it never took off until I started this blog.

Now, I get Leads every day from my articles.

Blogging is a lifestyle.

It takes some balls to write in a blog consistently.

It also helps you formulate your thoughts better and organize your life and share your view points with the world.

I decided to ramp up my blogging and do a 90 day blog challenge which I started recently.

So far in 56 days I have created about 56 new posts. This is truly exciting and I get to see what has come out of me with such frequency.

It’s amazing what we can discover about ourselves writing every day.

Blogging every day will connect you to others who blog as well. There is a vibrant community out there of some powerful bloggers.

It’s not just a pastime, it’s a serious business.

Some of the top bloggers make over $100,000 a month, and some earn even more.

12,000 blogs are created every day. Small businesses are adapting to content marketing through blogging because of its power at attracting new clients.

Many bloggers don’t make it. There’s a huge graveyard of great blogs out there because someone gave up. They didn’t see results quick enough because blogging isn’t a get rich quick scheme.

If you understand that blogging takes a couple years to get going, but then you could possibly get 2,000 to 10,000 people visiting your blog daily within a couple years can keep you going.

With that kind of free organic traffic from the search engines, you could literally change your life any way you want.

You could become a well-known brand or advocate.

You could earn $10,000+ a month promoting a product or offer.

You could get a lot of PR and exposure to your powerful ideas and business system.

The blog is your oyster. It truly does have a pearl of brilliance if you stick with it and dig content up from your soul.

These are just a few tweaks, albeit major tweaks I have implemented in my life. Now start blogging everyday (or vlogging daily) and practice healthy habits!