Dale Moreau Interview On Becoming A Network Marketer Leader

Dale Moreau on Corporate Slacker to Selfless Network Marketer Leader


Dale Moreau on Corporate Slacker to Selfless Network Marketer Leader

Dale Moreau was successful in the corporate world, but he had no time for family. Then, he tried network marketing and failed miserably until this happened. Here is his powerful story below in our exclusive interview with him.

Wow Dale! I was just reading your blog and you have some incredible advice and wisdom. I am excited to learn more about your journey. So, let’s get started!

First off, where were you born and raised, what did your parents do for a living, and what did you want to become when you “grew up”?

Born: Kerrville, Texas USA

Parents: Mom – a telephonic engineer.

Dad: Central Heating and Air Conditioning Installer.

Growing Up: I wanted to be a minister. Went to Howard Payne College and then Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. Received a B.A., Masters and Ph.D.


How did you get involved with the corporate world, what was the market you were in, and how was life then?

After seminary, I went into ministry. After 5-years I left ministry and was invited by a former partner to become co-owner of an environmental company. We ended in failure.

I left for another venture in the fire alarm and security business. I was highly successful making 6-figures a year and rose in the corporate life.

During my period of success, the company shifted gears toward the Medical Coding industry. So, I pursued that and did medical coding for 26 years.

I was Vice President of the company (I rather not name at this point) with a boss that was overbearing. He yelled at all his employees every day of the week. Putting up with it for 20 years, I decided enough was enough.

I was looking for something else. In 2008 a friend in my hometown Kerrville, Texas introduced me to network marketing. Actually, it was a re-introduction to the industry. I once was involved in Amway with no success during college.

After six months in the company, my sponsor left and I still had no success. Finally, I decided if things are going to happen, they are happening when I take hold of the reigns myself.

I could create a decent though not great living.

After 6 years, I walked into my boss’s office and literally told him, “YouAre Fired.” I walked out and never looked back. Been working it successfully since.


You made great money at one time, but something was missing. What was that?

Money was never the answer for me. I had plenty. Having freedom was more important and money was a means to an end. Being under crushing debt, the law knocking on your door, and an overbearing boss is suffocating. Being free from both is liberating.

You discovered network marketing when you were only 19. Can you give us a timeline for how many network marketing companies you did and how long did you last in each one?

I was in Amway from 1970-1972 while attending college. I never had any support and was too busy enjoying college to care.

In 2008 I joined Agel and was with them until 2015. In 2016 I joined FuXion where I have had the best success of my life.


You said, you “failed miserably” in network marketing and I admire your honesty. What did you change about your mindset and actions to start achieving some success in network marketing?

“Failed Miserably” is the expression for spending 2 years with Amway and making no money while spending $1500.00 of my own money…that was a lot of money then.

Another 6 years in network marketing from 2008 – 2014 in Agel and not making a single dime. I worked it hard but did all the wrong things.

I was overbearing with my presentations, products. I had 100 people show up for a business presentation and not one single person joined or bought products. I was horrible at following what my company taught me. Thus, I failed.

I nearly gave up. My upline left Agel in 2014 to a new network marketing company FuXion. I stayed with Agel until 2015 and made the switch to FuXion.

Since then I have succeeded because I’m wiser, no a heck of lot more than I ever knew and follow my sponsor’s instructions (Billy Looper is my sponsor).


What were some of the hardest lessons you learned in network marketing?

I’m always learning. Always experiencing new things. Always studying. Lessons come to me by doing and experimenting…much like the scientist.

I’ve learned how to introduce people to my products and opportunity. If you don’t introduce the bread and butter of our industry to people, you will fail.

The hardest part for me was learning to let go of people. Those who bring you down, are negative and steal your dreams.

I was surrounded by those people and I thought them as friends. I was afraid to let go from fear of loss and not being liked.

One day I realized if I was going to be successful, I had to change friends. I had to take a long break from my peers. I needed to refresh my mind and energize my body.

I am in this for the long haul. Nothing is going to stop me. Obstacles will come along the way and I will not let them win.

One of the most humbling experiences in my life was realizing how much I did not know. I am not the smartest person in the room.

I always thought I was. Self-discovering and wisdom begin when you learn to be a humble willing learner….to be a disciple of those who came before you and stand beside you.

What I discovered in this self-realization is how liberating it is when you allow people wiser than yourself to lead the way. Glad submission to a proper authority sets you free.


Was income ever an issue in your life, or was it the time you were missing from family that hurt you the most?

As a preacher, my income level was near poverty. As a businessman, I was rich but poor in family. I was working 60 – 80 hours a week with no vacations, debt up to my eyeballs and a job which I came to hate. I was destroying my family and a prisoner to my own devices.

My family saw very little of me. One Christmas eve my boss calls me up and tells me I had to spend Christmas week in New York City and leave immediately for the airport. Christmas was rough for my family without me.

Other holidays and vacations were void of any happiness.

You mention, you looked at people like “dollar signs” and you relied heavily on your upline and sponsors for your success. Is this a common thing new network marketers do, and what can they do to change that?

During my six-year tour of duty with Agel, I kept looking for my sponsor to make my first million dollars. It never happened. I thought myself as being in the trenches on the front line of battle while my sponsor and upline were the generals. If the generals told me what to do, I was going to win the battle.

How wrong was my thinking?

This is one of the single most detrimental views of all novice network marketers. Thinking their upline is going to do it all and the money is going to roll in….

Many times, it is the uplines’ fault for instilling this idea into the new reps. It is the new reps fault for believing it in the face of empirical experiences of life which tell us differently.  


I like your blog. How old is it, how many posts are on it, and what is your daily traffic like?

The blog is only six months old with 90 posts to date. Traffic is roughly 200 a day. I post new articles every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

What seems to be the best method for getting leads these days for you, and what actions should new network marketers take to start generating their leads?

There are three avenues of getting leads:

  1.      Blogging
  2.     Social Media
  3.     Video Marketing

Blogging only works when you give away value. A lesson for all bloggers in network marketing is quit trying. Quit trying to force your language on people. People have one thing in mind when reading a blog….”what’s in it for me.”

Answer that question and people will join. Don’t push your products or your opportunity. Give value in your articles and the people will come. I try to give away tips, tricks, techniques and mindsets for being successful in this business.

I study and I do what I study. My stuff is not theory but proven techniques to success.

Social media is the new life-blood of network marketing. Facebook live is the transfusion for old blood in our industry. Twitter is the new dream for generating leads. It reaches into industry and professionals who are looking for a way out.

Video marketing engages people. You can produce the worse video but have people engaged and they overlook the mistakes and embrace what you offer. I encourage at least a 3-minute video per day. Tell of a problem. Give a solution. Close with a call to action. Those are the makings of a video.


What is your favorite book right now and why?

Number 1 of a list of 10 is Tony Jeary’s “Life is a Series of Presentations.” I love his philosophy that every time you meet a person or touch a life, you are making a presentation. Make it an awesome presentation. It will unlock the secret of professional and personal success.


What are your goals for 2023?

My goal for 2023 is to get 3000 new reps and 600 new customers. I will be empowering my team to be the best in multi-level marketing. I will help them embrace the wisdom of those who have succeeded before them and seek out the humbleness of a child. Have the mindset of an Anthony Robbins and the riches of a Robert Kiyosaki.

My personal goal is an all-expense paid vacation for my family including brothers and sisters and Mom and all siblings to the Caymens.


What is your favorite quote and why?

“The Distance between Your Dreams and Reality is called Action.”

I can’t say who spoke or wrote this quote. I can say we all have dreams. We all live in a real world. The bridge between dreams and reality is action. Making dreams come true doesn’t happen in a liberal view of reality where utopia is around the corner. It happens when real people who live in the real world are self-reliant and put feet beneath their wings and make it happen through hard work and a lot of sweat.

I am a big self-reliant guy. I am horrible at believing in fairy tales. We need to teach our new reps the truth about network marketing. The dreams which we inspire them to reach can only be met when they pull themselves up by their bootstraps and make it happen with or without help from their upline.

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