How To Surprise Your Business Team And Boost Morale

Most people in business like a surprise – assuming it is a pleasant surprise, of course. There is something joyful and energizing in the unexpected good news. It is a little like playing Monopoly and receiving money from the bank; you didn’t count on it to win. It is only an additional bonus that makes the game a little sweeter. Surprises are all about sweetening the day with unanticipated goodness. In a word, they make you happy – momentarily, maybe, but happy nonetheless.

The concept of bringing joy to the workplace is not new. Everybody knows that happy employees are more likely to stay. But using the positive power of surprises to bring your team together is a unique strategy. What does a surprise look like in the workplace? One thing is for sure; it is a little more sophisticated than hiding behind the desk to appear at the last minute, singing Happy Birthday to a very bewildered employee.

Thanks for being so great

Why should you wait to thank your staff for their hard work? Most companies organize a yearly bonus – typically around Christmas time, but it can happen at any time throughout the year – which is distributed to the employees. The annual premium brings a little extra on their pay.

Additionally, companies like to plan seasonal goodies for their teams, such as chocolate eggs for Easter or even planning a secret Santa party. But, you are missing on the potential of surprise – all those rewards are part of a known schedule. Using a perk strategy such as Surprise HR creates a different experience for your employees. A surprise, ultimately, will let you celebrate as a group with variable rewards, meaning that prizes are distributed at random to maintain the excitement. As a result, your team not only feels connected to the business but also valued continuously.

Let me restore your faith in humanity

Not all surprises come in a tightly wrapped box. Some focus on togetherness for a greater cause. Doing good makes you feel good. Surprising your team with a charity event might not seem like a reward per se, but think about it. It is in human nature to want to give back, therefore working together to support a cause is not just a bonding exercise but also an enlightening experience. During the process, your team will, of course, build stronger connections to each other. They will also feel positive about themselves. There is no better gift than helping someone to unleash their inner strength.

Meet Sara; she knows everything about X

As a leader, you need to share the spotlight with your team, ensuring that every single employee is given the opportunity to shine. You can encourage them to share their knowledge with others. Make it your role to present their ideas and expertise to the team, helping the debate, but also building trust. Creative brainstorming meetings are beneficial to your business, as they can uncover new directions. But you can also use them to showcase the expertise and thoughts of your employees, allowing them to drive the debate.

Surprises come in different shapes. Whether you choose to thank your employees, restore their faith in humanity, or highlight their knowledge, surprises in the workplace make your team stronger.