How I Did Death Rites in a Hotel to Bring in the New Year

How I Did Death Rites in a Hotel to Bring in 2018

Best time to try and create a new life would be on New Year’s day after setting your intentions and resolutions the night before.

I have been thinking long and hard how I wanted this year to be different than last year.

The most powerful thing I think I could do is get rid of certain habits, behaviors, or even addictions.

I have come to realize that sugar is as powerful of an addiction as alcohol, but most of us don’t consider sugar an addiction.

But, if I am really going to change and become a man instead of a man-child, I need to cut out all cravings and addictions.

I even cut out hard rock and rap music a few months ago because it changes your physiology, and for me, music gave me an adrenaline rush which is addictive in itself.

And, let’s face it, hardcore music is low vibration and crunk rap is violent.

I want to wipe away all habits that contribute to a low self-esteem and low sense of worth.

I am 49, I know I could be doing a lot more with my life as far as raising my vibration and giving back.

So, what better time to bring in the new year with having my wife perform death rites on me.

What are Death Rites?

Shamans have used them for thousands of years in helping people transition from an old life to a new life.

I have many skeletons or demons in the closet that I wanted finally gone.

These demons like to whisper bad things, and I have sort of like a Tourette’s thing where I hear bad words when people try to love me.

I guess I fear intimacy and the demons want me to self-sabotage.

They want me to run away from people, they want me to get drunk, and live alone in the woods.

They want me to hop trains like hobos and get drunk under the stars.

They want me to be with many girls and jump around whenever things get tough.

How Death Rites are Done

It’s important to decide what you want to let go of and what you want to bring in.

I wanted to let go of three things from my old life:

  • The Hobo – the guy who wants to be an outcast.
  • The Monk – the guy who thinks enlightenment needs to be torturous.
  • The poor guy – the guy who never has enough, but who thinks starving is cool because of the “starving artist” romanticism.

Who I Wanted to Bring In:

  • The yoga guy – who I call Travis after Travis Eliot who created the DVD set called the Ultimate Yogi.
  • Sting – I want to be more like Sting, cool, enlightened, artistic, and ages very well.
  • Jesus – I want to embody Christ energy and be able to hold unconditional love for anyone.

This ideal person I want to become in 2018 is called “Sting Travis Christ.”

He is the complete package and that is the person I am striving to be.

So, What Happened During the Death Rites?

I won’t tell you every little detail, but I will give you the most important events that took place.

Misha, my energy healing wife, wanted me to think of all the bad aspects of my past life.

Once I conjured the feelings associated with these old aspects, she asked me to blow them into the rock that I chose from her Mesa, a cloth full of rocks and crystals.

Misha gained insight as she asked me about certain things she saw in my past.

Now, keep in mind, a lot of these things I tell you are metaphorical and allegorical and not literal – so, when Misha saw a vision of me being a female in the past who was being abused.

But, the more you do feel the truth in something, the more you can release it and embody new truths.

I am a pretty open-minded guy and could see being a tortured female from my past.

I could also feel the shame and remorse of something deeper – something that I may have experienced in a past life.

Misha told me to blow all that shame and guilt into the rock that I had chose that was now resting on my stomach, on one of my chakras.

After she cleared all the dark energy that was leaving me, she went into the “underworld” to find out more truths about me and to bring back gifts.

She brought back four power animals or beings that had gifts for me or positive attributes that would enter my new life.

They were:

  • Mother Mary – who brought back unconditional love.
  • A giant bear – who brought back gentle strength.
  • A baby lamb – who brought back purity.
  • Myself as a 5 year old – bright eyed and full of light.

Misha blew these attributes into my heart and stomach.

During this time, I had my eyes closed and felt a lot of emotions.

I had to keep blowing all the energy into my rock.

Eventually, I felt calm.

I really felt like th demons and my past selves left.

I brought in my own allies to fight this spiritual battle, including Jesus, Ganesha, Kwan Yin, Allah, Buddha, ancestors, plant people, archetypes, etc.

I visualized the dark spirits and demons leaving through a basement, through the cracks in the bricks.

I also met my grandmother again and hugged her really hard, because I had shut my heart off to her when I was 12 when she called me “greedy” at the MGM Grand in Reno (that really happened while she was alive.)

I felt a lot of relief and weight lifted off my shoulders.

Over time, I know these rituals can dramatically change a person for the better.

So, What Happened after the Death Rites?

We had to leave the hotel because it was past our checkout time, so tonight Misha will give me my new life – the Sting Travis Christ guy.