Why I Am Devoted to Network Marketing – MLM Musts

A lot of people don’t understand network marketing and are impatient waiting for MLM results. Here is why I am devoted to Network Marketing.

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When I started internet marketing in 2011 I was a completely different person than I am now.

I had created a personae for my music that I was creating at the time that was egotistical and narcissistic.

I promoted an album I had created and spammed everyone I could.

A year later, I wrote a memoir about my 16 year bout with Alcohol.

I uploaded it to Amazon and made about $70 a month for a while, and spammed everyone I could about my book.

Another year later, it was Affiliate Marketing, and yes, I spammed everyone I could about my products.

I also invested $2,000 in HYIPs (High Yield Investment Products) and got burned, the money literally wiped out of my digital “liberty reserve” account.

Then, I invested $1,000 in Binary Options (Forex trading) and watched the platform I was using “freeze” during the most important second of either winning or losing the bid, and losing all my money.

You can say, I was getting burned all over the internet.

I laugh now, but I was crying then.

I wanted so bad to work from home, but all my money was vanishing and I didn’t know what was legit or not.

Then one day, I found a product that I thought could help my “social anxiety.”

It was also a business I could promote.

I had learned a little about residual income from selling the “recurring income” products on Clickbank, and this was kind of the same.

I then learned it was a network marketing business.

I decided to learn more about it because I was tired of getting burned or just losing money.

I turned to YouTube and watched every video I could about network marketing.

Luckily, I found the best MLM trainers on there and they gave me very important advice, such as:

  • Skipping around MLM companies won’t improve your success.
  • The money is very small in the beginning until you build a team that duplicates and creates leverage.
  • It is a long-term plan, 3 to 5 years minimum.
  • A lot of people will quit, but you only need 3 to 5 leaders.
  • Must do personal development
  • Must always learn more and get mentoring.
  • Consistency is key.

These tips that I got from all the trainers made me pretty strong and I knew that rough seas were ahead and that I wouldn’t quit, and I would see it through until I was on a beach somewhere.

Well, the tears came and a lot of people on my early MLM teams quit. . .

I experimented and failed many times and got back up.

Some days I really threw in the towel and walked away from the computer for a few days.

Had some ridiculous things happen with the company, but of course I learned to take responsibility for all of it, even if it sucked.

Why did I take all this like some martyr?

Because, the leaders had what I wanted.

I had heard plenty of “entrepreneur and success quotes” to know that leaders “fail forward” in this business.

But, at the end of the stick was a six or seven figure income that these leaders were making each year or month, like clockwork!

Yes, it looked really good and I was addicted.

It took me three years to break the $1,000 a month barrier in my network marketing business.

I had to go back to a “job” several times during those three years because my vision was bigger than my income.

Every time I walked out the door to the new job I looked back at my wife and was heartbroken.

The only thing that kept me going in network marketing was the vision that was instilled in me from watching those videos.

I knew it could work.

As the months went by, my monthly paycheck from network marketing would improve a little more.

A couple years went by, and I knew I could come home.

My hard work was paying off – my compounded efforts with content creation online was yielding enough leads and sales.

I knew my true dream of financial freedom was coming.

The feeling itself is life-changing!

This is why I am devoted to network marketing.

I got the vision and the residual income and the feeling of helping others with their dreams is truly undeniable.

Thanks for reading this blog post on dedication and devotion in multi-level marketing! You can do it too, just never quit!

Please comment below what keeps you going in MLM or share it on social media!

This is one of those amazing inspirational videos that kept me going in network marketing, direct selling, and affiliate sales.