The Difference Between Marketing And Advertising

difference between marketing and advertising

You need to be seen to be in business. Visibility and brand awareness mean long-term sales and success. You are looking to pursue strategies to build your brand and increase visibility. 

You have read about marketing and advertising in business. They are often used interchangeably, as though they are one in the same. But they are very different in many ways. 

Learn the difference between marketing and advertising with this quick guide. 

What Is Marketing?

Marketing is not one event or action. It is a long-term  process. 

Marketing involves product creation and design, research, and data mining. You market in order to align a product with its audience. You tailor the product to their needs. 

Marketing strategy comprises of the 4 P’s: product, price, place, and promotion. You create a product. Then you price it, place it in the store, and promote it. 

You use research to make decisions every step of the way. You test and manufacture your product with consumers. You research how similar products are made, and you change your manufacturing process.

You consult consumers on they would pay for your product. You run commercials and social media posts by them, asking them what they think. 

Marketing companies talk to consumers many times during the marketing process. They use surveys, online tracking tools, and face-to-face interaction to gather data, so you can make the right decision. Consult with a local marketing company on the tools they use.  

What Is Advertising?

Advertising exposes an audience to a product. It generates interest and curiosity, then draws them into purchasing it. Advertising has six stages: awareness, knowledge, liking, preference, conviction, and purchase. 

Advertising first presents information on the product’s benefits. A consumer understands what the product is for and how it works. They are able to recognize the product and know how it solves problems. 

Advertising then prompts an emotional connection. Consumers relate to the brand and like its products. By seeing how the product operates, consumers prefer it over other products. 

Advertising then encourages consumers to buy the product. Advertising reminds them where to purchase it and how much it costs. 

In essence, advertising makes a finalized product known to an audience. The product has been designed. Advertising demonstrates that product so people then buy it.

What Is the Difference Between Marketing and Advertising?

Marketing and advertising are similar. However, they involve different approaches.

Advertising falls into the final P of the marketing process, promotion. Advertising does not change a product, its price, or its placement. Advertising informs an audience about these qualities, encouraging them to purchase the product. 

Marketing companies will monitor advertising. They may change the product depending on the response. Advertisers consult with marketing companies, but marketing provides the plan for advertising. 

Advertising is a part of marketing. Marketing is more systematic and research-based than advertising. Marketing provides the strategy for advertising, and advertising carries out that strategy for the public. 

Stay Smart About Marketing

Marketing and advertising are confused with each other. They should not be used interchangeably. 

Marketing is product design, research, and analysis. Advertising is publicity and description for a product. 

Once you know the difference between marketing and advertising, you can form strategies that are right for your business. Stay knowledgeable by following our coverage on marketing, advertising, and branding.