4 Types Of Casino Players – Which One Are You?

different types of casino players what type of gambler are you

In the world of online pokies NZ websites and apps, there are no differences from what you would find in traditional casinos. For instance, game types, payouts and even the type of visitors these establishments see on a daily basis. Which means that the type of player you are will affect you and maybe your finances regardless of how you indulge in gambling.

Here are the 4 types of gamblers, make sure you look out for if you are the fourth one and take the necessary steps to resolving the issue before gambling takes its toll.

The 4 Different Types Of Casino Gamblers

1. Professionals

This type of gamblers are the least common because it requires exceptional skills and dedication. Moreover, in order to qualify as a professional, you need to be focusing your energy on games of skill rather than luck. So, don’t go around telling people you’re a professional slots player, because there is no such thing.

Professionals remain in control throughout the game and use their reasoning and certain strategies to win. Popular games for this type of player are poker, blackjack and sometimes roulette and baccarat.

They are also amazing at managing their money in a way that their game is often enough to create some form of income for them. For example, poker players that stream and collect revenue from sponsorships and user subscriptions are professional gamblers.

2. Social Players

The most common type of casino visitor falls under this category. Social gamblers are those that strictly visit casinos as a form of entertainment and would probably not be there at all unless accompanied by friends.

Social players view their losses as an exchange for the entertainment value they get from the games themselves. They also love the atmosphere and free drinks that come along with being inside a casino and are not there just for the games.

3. Casual Players

Casual players visit both online and land-based casinos because they love the gameplay of certain games. For them, playing slots or table games is even something they may do for free without even the chance to win money.

They are usually amazing at staying within their budgets and look at any wins as a bonus rather than something they depend on when playing. The most popular games for these type of users are slots, but you could also find them on poker and blackjack apps as well.

4. Problem Gamblers

The only worrisome group in the list of casino player types are the problem gamblers. It’s reported that a small percentage of users are likely to become addicted over time to certain games. It may start out with a decent win which creates the illusion of control and expectations of bigger and better payouts to come. This creates an unhealthy cycle that can spiral out of control if not kept in check. For example, problem users will end up spending far too much time in casinos or glued to their computers and phones. They may also be at risk of losing amounts of money that cause further distress and increased stress and anxiety.

Casino Conclusion

Everyone has their own style and experience when it comes to casino gambling and gaming. Just make sure you are playing at a reputable casino, are having fun, and not risking too much money if you don’t have the funds. Good luck!