Donna Wildman Interview On Helping Every Entrepreneur

Donna Wildman on Helping One Online Entrepreneur at a Time

Donna Wildman on Helping One Online Entrepreneur at a Time

Donna Wildman was working towards her Master’s degree when she attended a couple network marketing events. Here is her powerful story in our exclusive interview below.

Thanks so much for doing this interview, Donna! I am excited to hear about your story. So, let’s get started with the interviewing questions!

Where were you born and raised, what was childhood like, and what did you want to be when you ‘grew up?’

I was born in Downey, California. When I was 9 yrs old we moved to Lantana, Florida where I was raised.

My childhood had its ups and down for sure, to say we were the Cleaver’s would be a far stretch of the imagination. lol

When we lived in California my father worked the 3-11pm shift at Inglenook Winery, so I didn’t see him much during the week. My mom was a SAHM and did odd jobs like mow lawns, sew, clean houses, take care of my cousins etc. for extra spending money.  

Once we moved to Florida my dad started his own tile business so he was working 7 days a week most times and my mom’s drinking became more noticeable and out of hand. I won’t go into all the gory details, but to say I had a normal childhood would be a stretch, however it wasn’t the worst childhood, there were good times.

I always wanted to be a teacher as a little girl. I had a standard size chalkboard in my bedroom and would line all my dolls and stuffed animals up on the bed and teach them what I had learned in school that day.  

In high school I took Child Development and started working as a teacher’s aide in daycare centers and local schools, that is when the realization set in that teaching was more than going into a classroom and teaching, came with that was all the administration stuff that I wasn’t interested in; all I wanted to do was teach, so I came to the conclusion that teaching wasn’t for me at that point and time of my life.


What did your parents do for a living and was there any Entrepreneurship in the family?

Well, as I already mentioned when we moved to Florida my dad started his own tile business. When my mom stopped drinking as part of her therapy she got into ceramics.

The place she went to take classes and do ceramics the woman that owned the shop decided to sell, so my dad bought the shop for my mom. So yes, both my parents were entrepreneurs in a sense, although I am not sure they realized it or not.


What was your career and when did you start on earning your master’s degree?

My career? I have had many careers over the years. I consider myself a jack-of-all-trades-master-of-none. lol I started in the banking industry when I got out of high school, which lasted for about 11 yrs. When I moved to Tennessee I worked through Manpower and did odd jobs for 3 yrs, then I moved to Virginia working through Kelly services.

My first job with them was administration and then I went to work at Quantico Marine Corps Base as an Assistant Facilities Manager until I got a job at a law firm in Washington, D.C. as an accounts payable and receivable coordinator.

From there I went to work for a company that manufactures movie screens as the Controller and Human Resource Generalist.

I started on my Master’s degree in 2012 while living in Doha, Qatar. My husband was the COO of a construction company and I got bored having nothing to do, so I decided to go back to school and obtain my Master’s degree in Human Resource Management.

When did you discover network marketing, and how important are events?

I discovered network marketing in 2015 when a friend asked me to try an anti-aging cream. I was just finishing up my Master’s degree and wasn’t interested in the opportunity.

To be honest, I never even heard of network marketing so I really didn’t get it and my sites were set on making good with my degree in the human resource field until I showed my husband the magazine my girlfriend had given me about the network marketing company.

He is a Realtor and has always been an entrepreneur. He was in Amway years ago, so he knew all about the industry and the residual income. I blame him for getting me into the MLM industry.

Events are very important, in fact it was because of going to a few local events I finally saw what network marketing had to offer. I had never been exposed to personal development before getting into network marketing or felt the energy in a room like you do at events.

Going to events keeps you excited about the industry as a whole and the company that you are with, plus events are where training is done, you hear the stories of other people and announcements are made. If you are in network marketing events are your lifeblood and a great source of motivation!


What are the three best tips you have for new network marketers?

My three best tips for new network marketers would be:

1) Do your research before you sign with any particular company. Go to a few events, get a feel for the company and people. You want to make sure it is a fit for you.

2) Try the products or service before you commit. If you are not passionate about what you are offering you will never make it in the business and if you don’t use the products or service you certainly can’t expect anyone else to buy something you yourself aren’t taking advantage of.

3) Most importantly, decide to be a network marketing professional as Eric Worre would say and realize network marketing is NOT a get-rich-quick business. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to make it in the profession.

You found a system called MLSP, can you explain what that is and who is it for?

MLSP is an educational platform that teaches entrepreneurs many ways to market themselves, build their brand, and their business using tools available on the Internet.

It is for anyone trying to build a business on or offline. What a lot of people do not realize is you have to brand yourself, not your company. MLSP teaches you how to do that plus so much more.


You have some awesome book recommendations on your blog, including the Science of Getting Rich. How important is Law of Attraction for internet marketers?

Thanks Erik!  The more I learn about Law of Attraction the more I believe it is very important for internet marketers.  The simple definition of LOA is “I attract to my life and business, whatever I give my attention, energy and focus to, whether positive or negative.”

We all want to have a thriving business and an abundant life, however sometimes we let the negativity into our lives and that essentially keeps us from obtaining what we truly want. What we say aloud or think LOA will give us, so it would behoove us to be very careful of what we think and say.

Therefore, studying LOA has helped me to realize that as an internet marketer to have a thriving business I must only give positive attention, energy and focus to my business and life.  When you truly get the concept and learn how to manifest things into your life through LOA the sky can literally be the limit!


You say you are a research queen, how has having mentors helped you learn about network marketing and branding in general?

You picked up on that Erik?! Yes I am a research queen, which can be good and bad. I have a tendency to overdo it sometimes with my research.

However, it has served me well when I first got into this profession because I didn’t have a clue on what I was doing or where to even start. So in doing my research I found some awesome mentors such as Eric Worre, Ray Higdon, Jim Rohn, Todd Falcone, etc.

I would have to say being a member of MLSP is where I really started to understand the concept of branding and being a huge fan of Ray Higdon I have learned a tremendous amount on both network marketing and branding in general.  

Network marketing is not about spamming your links all over social media or prospecting everyone that comes within a 3ft radius of you. There is much more to this profession and there is a right way and wrong way to go about it.

I recommend anyone in network marketing or thinking about getting into network marketing find a mentor they resonate with and emulate them, after all if they are a top earner they obviously know the proper way of building a network marketing business.


I love your blog! How old is it, how many posts are on it, and what is your daily traffic like?

Thanks Erik! I started my blog in February of last year. I have 45 posts and I average about 15 views a day, so it is still in its infancy.


Should every internet marketer blog and why?

Absolutely! As an internet marketer you want to brand yourself and you want to be seen as an authority, there is no better way to do that then through a blog.

Plus, think of your blog as a piece of real estate sitting on the busiest corner of town. You can potentially get a lot of traffic stopping by and a blog is something no one can take away from you.

You own it, unlike YouTube, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter or any other social media site, they can go away overnight, but your blog is yours and it can work for you for many years to come. Plus as an internet marketer you want a way to capture leads, what better way to get leads than through your blog?!

What’s the best way to generate leads for you these days, and can you share a technique?

Providing value. I get leads by providing value to my audience though free downloads. I have e-books I give away and also free trainings on my website and also I post on social media free trainings.


What is your favorite book right now and why?

My favorite book right now is “Breaking the Habit of Being You – How to Love Your Mind and Create a New One”, by Dr Joe Dispenza.  

It is an excellent book to learn how to change your mind in order to have the life you truly want and desire.

For the past few months I have been narrating the book via Facebook live. I highly recommend it for anyone but especially anyone in network marketing because we all have things about ourselves we’d like to change and those things can be holding you back from having a profitable business.

Dr Joe does a great job in breaking down how our mind works and how it keeps us from truly loving ourselves and obtaining what we want in our lives.

To be profitable or have an abundant life you have to move past the stinking thinking!


What are your goals for 2023?

To have my monthly income at $10k or more by the end of the 2023. Become more connected spiritually through LOA and mindset training. Have an amazing team and helping entrepreneurs daily through coaching and training and to give back to society through charitable contributions.


What is your favorite quote and why?

Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

I love this quote because it reminds me not to follow the status quo but rather to make my own way in this world!

Thank you so much for this interview Donna!

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