If Don’t Care About Your Network Marketing Business Then No One Else Will

Don’t Care About Your Network Marketing Business No One Else Will

Don’t Care About Your Network Marketing Business No One Else Will

The biggest component of becoming successful in network marketing is called posture. If you don’t really care about your MLM, no one else will either.

So, you got into a network marketing “deal” and you’re not too sure about it.

You are on the fence.

You still don’t know if it is a pyramid scheme or ponzi scheme like your uncle warned you about.

But, you’re a risk taker and live life on the wildside.

You think: So what? It’s only a couple hundred bucks. I’ll give it a “try” for a couple months and see “what it does.”

Sound like anyone?

Did you hear the weak enthusiasm in that?

“I’ll give it a try.”

“See what it does?”

When has anything worked in your life when you just “gave it a try?”

And, when has anything just worked magically on its own?

Here’s: Why if You Don’t Care About Your Network Marketing Business No One Else Will

I understand that we should be cautious when starting something new, but the first thing we need to get in our network marketing business is “posture.”

Posture means that you believe 100% about your business, and you could care less if someone doesn’t join you.

There’s too many fish in the sea to fry, you think.

You stand tall when you are under fire from prospects.

You fully believe. . .

And, you have a vision.

You know that within a time frame of 3 to 5 years, maybe you got it down to 36 months and 5 days, you will “Go Pro” in network marketing.

You’ve seen the countless videos on YouTube hearing the leaders speak on stage at network marketing events.

You’ve seen the income statements from $100k a month to $1 million a month of the top 150 MLM leaders over at businessforhome.org.

You know there’s no income cap, that it’s perfectly legal in over 200 countries to be a network marketer and you’re 1000% fired up.

You know you can get out of your job with this business model. . .

You know you can get your parents out of that debilitating mortgage. . 

You know you can generate 5 or 6 figure residual income that comes in around the clock.

You know.

How to Get Posture and Care About Your Network Marketing Business

When I started my network marketing business in 2014, I really didn’t know the power of it.

I was an affiliate marketer before that, and an ebook writer before that.

All I knew about was making “one time” sales.

I had no idea what “residual” or “passive” income was.

I had no idea what “leveraged” income was.

I was a one man show and there was no way I could earn more than $10,000 a month on my own.

I needed an army of people like myself, all building the same dream, and getting paid from their actions.

Well, network marketing is just that.

You recruit people until you find a few leaders who are as persistent as you and tenacious.

They see the same vision as you and start build their own businesses within your organization.

In a year or two your income will double.

In 3 to 5 years, your income from network marketing allows you to design a new life without a boss, or job.

But, most people don’t see this vision or truly understand the power of network marketing.

I really didn’t believe it myself until I started watching “rags to riches” stories from professional network marketers on Youtube.

If your network marketing company has a big annual event, go to it!

It will build your belief, which will dramatically change your posture.

Here’s one such video here:

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