Why You Must Generate Business Leads Daily

If You Don’t Generate Leads for the Day Your Business is Closed

If You Don’t Generate Leads for the Day Then Your Business is as Good as Closed

Many new network marketers play their MLM business like the lotto. They buy leads one time and that is it for your business. You need consistent lead generation to keep your venture going. Here is why you must generate leads and demand in MLM, affiliate marketing, and direct selling (or any business model really).

Are you wondering why your MLM business isn’t growing?

Did you buy a lot of leads and none of them upgraded?

I know the feeling.

I have bought tons of leads and no one upgraded from that lead pool.


Many reasons.

For one, these leads don’t have a clue who you are.

There is no trust factor because it is cold outreach.

So, let’s explore how you can build your MLM more effectively.

Here Is What Happens If You Don’t Generate Leads for the Day Your Business is Closed

In order to grow a successful network marketing business, you need to find inexpensive ways to generate consistent leads.

Why should you be so consistent with outreach for more leads?

If your company uses an automated email system, like my company does, the email system sends out more emails when there is more activity, meaning more leads coming in.

If you stop generating leads for the day or week or month, that email system doesn’t send out as many because there are no new leads to talk about.

So, the key is to generate leads DAILY.

Yes daily, not buying a chunk of leads one time and praying that you get lots of upgrades.

That is like playing the lottery and buying lots of tickets at once and never again.

I love playing lottery, and I know my chances of winning improves if I play the same numbers every week.

I don’t spend a $1,000 dollars one time and pray for a winner.

I play twice a week with the same numbers and spend $40 bucks.

That is consistency and I improve my chances of winning this way because I get two drawings a week, instead of once.

Same thing goes for MLM.

If you generate leads consistently, other prospects will see the steady growth.

They will also get more emails urging them to upgrade.

“MLM loves speed.”

It also loves momentum, so if you have a few people generating daily leads, that shows everyone else that the business is growing fast.

Also, the more leads you get, the more signups you get.

That is just the Law of Numbers, even if it is only a 1% conversion rate.

But it has to be steady, consistent growth, not a one-time big purchase of leads.

Your Business is Closed if you Don’t Get Leads for the Day

Consider leads as interested people.

If you don’t get any leads for the day, no one is looking at your business.

Also, if you don’t generate leads for the day, that is also like turning your store sign to closed for the day.

Imagine if a store owner only opened once a month?

That is the same with buying leads only one time.

You have a ton of people looking at your business ONE DAY.

Then, they disappear.

Sure, they get follow-up emails, but there won’t be any more growth or new prospects for the rest of the month.

So, How do You Generate Daily Leads without Breaking the Bank?

The best way to generate MLM leads is to combine paid lead generation techniques along with free lead generation.

So, paid leads would be like from buying leads, doing solo ads, and buying traffic to your capture pages.

Free lead generation would be:

  1. Send out a Direct Message to your new followers on Twitter. I wrote about this recently and I use a Statusbrew Lead generation system.
  2. Give away samples on Facebook. My business has an awesome “done for you” sampling program.
  3. Shoot 3 minute videos on YouTube and put your link in the video description. Talk about “How to’s”, provide value, not just about your product. View my channel here for ideas.
  4. Blogging. It takes about a year or two to start generating steady leads, but blogging is very powerful once it gets going.

That is really it when it comes to the necessity of multi-level marketing, affiliate sales, and direct selling lead generation.

Don’t get discouraged.

It takes a lot of leads to grow a successful MLM business.

I generate about 10 leads a day, which isn’t that much, but it gets me about 5 to 10 new paid affiliates a month.

So, shoot for generating 10 leads a day, consistently.

Wait about a month for results because for some reason the Law of Attraction will not grant you immediate success. Once it does, it is time for you to lead the way!