Keep Recruiting in Network Marketing Or Your Team Dies

If You Don’t Keep Recruiting in Network Marketing Your Team Dies

If You Don’t Keep Recruiting in Network Marketing Your Team Dies

Network marketing is about sifting through a lot of people to find a few leaders. If You Don’t Keep Recruiting in Network Marketing Your Team Dies.

I see it all the time in network marketing.

Someone joins my MLM business.

They are so excited that they bring in about 5 to 15 friends and family into the business.

I get excited also, because I think I have a leader, an MLM recruiting-machine on my team.

But, then it happens. . .

The new distributor who brought in their family and friends doesn’t recruit or prospect anymore.

Here’s If You Don’t Keep Recruiting in Network Marketing Your Team Dies

They stop talking about the business and promoting it because they think that the 5 to 10 friends and family members will bring in a lot of their own members.

But the reality is, no one brings in anyone because they don’t know anything about network marketing.

Then, within a month or two, all the friends and family members quit because they thought it was supposed to be easy money, like a lottery ticket.

Then the “recruiting-machine” quits also because no one did anything and they didn’t make any money either.

Network Marketing is a Real Business, Not a Lottery

The first problem with this scenario is that the “recruiting machine” only tapped into their “warm market.”

Warm market means people who know you.

Warm market is way easier to build your home business with than with a cold market.

Warm market is limited to friends and family.

Cold market is unlimited, but harder to tap into.

So, what happens to all these teams that grow fast then die like a comet, is that the warm market was exhausted and no one knew what to do.

Grow a Huge Network Marketing Business with Attraction Marketing

The easiest way to enter the cold market online is to create content that “attracts” prospects to you.

This is called “Attraction Marketing” and all the big MLM leaders do it.

There is no shortage of people looking for a network marketing opportunity just like yours.

You just need to create some type of content that these cold market prospects can see.

I use this blog to attract prospects to me.

You can also do videos, ebooks, images on Pinterest and Instagram, free PDF’s, etc.

Consistency is key, so if you start doing videos do them almost daily, same with blogging.

It will take time to see results, but once the leads start coming in from video and blogging, it’s almost an unstoppable flow.

You also can generate leads from social media as your content grows.

My favorite way to get leads is with Twitter and direct messages (DMs).

Transitioning from Warm Market to Cold Market

It’s fine to get your friends and family into your business, just don’t expect them to grow you a million dollar network marketer business.

The key to keeping your MLM business growing is to never stop recruiting new people.

The reality is most people quit network marketing rather quickly for a million different reasons.

Your job as a MLM leader is to recruit enough people to replace the quitters and come out slightly ahead each month.

The magic number for me is 4 new reps a month.

That way if 2 quit right away I still have 2 new reps.

After a year, that’s 24 new reps.

That’s not counting who they recruit.

To Summarize: If You Don’t Keep Recruiting in Network Marketing Your Team Dies

Network marketing really is a “numbers game” so maximize the numbers in your favor.

The more leads you can generate consistently, the bigger your network marketing team.

It’s also important to not prejudge anyone who joins your MLM business.

There’s many stories of doctors who joined MLM and did nothing, and the broke guy from a trailer who went on to make millions. But overall, you need to keep recruiting for your MLM business!

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