Dot PNG: Keeping Your Brand To Hand

Over the last few years, the field of graphic design has seen a huge boom. With loads of both customers and professionals joining this space all the time, the growth which has been seen over the last few years has changed it in ways which people never expected, with one of the biggest being the money which has to be spent on it. Of course, though, while it might be cheap, your brand is still incredibly important to your business, and this post is going to be exploring some of the factors which contribute towards this.


There are few things in this world which are truly impossible to replace, but graphical work and art certainly fall into this category. Once someone has drawn a picture, trying to replicate it will result in a lot of similar pieces, but you will never get the very same result out of it. This means that losing your logo or other artwork could leave you with few choices other than rebranding. While this can help to revitalize a company, it can also be hard to deal with, with the cost of this approach often being far more than the effort it would have taken to archive your images.

Making It Bigger

When an image is created and saved by a piece of software like Adobe Illustrator, it will be constructed from colored lines, with the resulting image being known as a vector. Once it is exported into a usable format, like PNG or JPG, though, it will have these lines turned into dots. This takes away the ability to resize the image without losing quality. In the case of something like a trade show, a lot of companies use products like trestle covers with print designs on them, but you’d need a large version of your logo for this. Simply dragging this file from your website will usually mean that you’re using a far lower quality version than you have to.

Sharing It Around

As your business grows, more and more opportunities will come your way. Being able to advertise in a magazine, for example, isn’t something which a lot of new businesses can afford, but is something which you might want to think about down the line. If you don’t have access to logos, colors, and fonts, it will be extremely difficult to have content like this strung together. Of course, you may be able to grab the images from your website, but, as stated above, this will usually result in a lower quality end product.

With all of this in mind, you should be feeling ready to start putting your important imagery somewhere safe. It can be incredibly hard to replace files like this if they ever get lost, with loads of companies having to change their brand to make up for this sort of issue in the past. Of course, as time goes on, computers are becoming more reliable, and this reduces the chance that your work will be lost at all.

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