Duplication is the Only Way to Get Wealthy with MLM

The most successful leaders in network marketing teach their teams how to duplicate. Here is why Duplication is the Only Way to Get Wealthy in MLM.

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The most successful millionaires in network marketing started out with zero people just like you and me.

They didn’t get any special treatment and no one gave them a team of thousands automatically.

Unlike people that think “all the people at the top make all the money,” (which is true for a Pyramid scheme, but not network marketing) we ALL start at ground zero.

We have to build our teams from scratch to make any money.

Even if you “got in early” you still have to build a team from scratch.

I got in early. . .

Do I make all the money?

No way, there are people in my company that make way more than me because they are better at marketing and getting their team to duplicate.

What is duplication?

It is getting everyone on your team to recruit people the same way everyone else does by using systems and tools.

The better the duplication, the faster your team grows.

Of course, great leadership skills help. . .

Let’s look at why duplication is the only way to get wealthy in network marketing.

Most big leaders in MLM have a team of 20,000 distributors or more.

That is like a football stadium of people.

Do you think that leader personally knew 20,000 people and recruited them all?

No way.

The leader got about 5 people on his team and taught them how to bring in 5 leaders on their team, and it grows like that.

I’m not talking about the pipedream you hear about in MLM all the time that states:

Bring in 2 and they bring in 2 and they bring in 2, etc.

It isn’t that easy. . .

You might have to recruit a 100 people to find one true leader.

You are using leverage to build a large team.

Leverage is about getting help from others to grow your team.

No one does it all alone.

The big leaders get a handful of leaders developed on the team who then go and build their team of leaders.

Not everyone is going to be a leader.

It will take time in learning about people and recognizing who the leaders are as they emerge.

A leader is not someone who just talks big.

A leader is not some lawyer or doctor you got in your business. . .

A leader is someone who is willing to fail, experiment, A/B test, and be consistent for the long run.

A leader keeps recruiting even when his/her team is big.

A leader gets more satisfaction from helping their team get successful first.

A Team of 20,000. . .

Anyone can build a team of 20,000.

It might take 5 to 10 years to do it. . .

But, unlimited income is completely possible in network marketing without having a specialized degree.

Heck, a lot of the millionaires in network marketing had barely finished high school.

What made them a leader was their HEART.

They have a “burning desire” to do more with their life.

They saw a true opportunity with network marketing, just like I did.

I knew nothing about network marketing three years ago. 

Now, I work full-time from home because of it.

Anyone can do this. . .

If you had a clear understanding of the obstacles, you could jump them. . .

And, it’s all worth it.

Take this profession seriously and it will seriously pay you.

I learned everything I could about it when I started.

I watched hundreds of videos and took notes like I was going after my Master’s degree.

Treat it like a profession and it will PAY like a profession.

Thanks for reading! Comment below. I would love to hear your thoughts on MLM duplication for network marketing success.

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