6 Easy Ways To Sell A House As Is

how to sell a home as is condition house sale no repairs

Most people who decide to sell their home want to do it as quickly as possible, they don’t want to spend months in the limbo of having a home on the market. Instead, they would like to stay within the average of three weeks to sell their home as is. 

But there are a lot of factors that go into making that home sale timeline happen. The biggest is the condition of the home and the time it takes to fix it up and make it ready to sell. Luckily there is a huge workaround for that problem that gets you on the market and sold as quick as possible; selling as-is. You can sell a home as is on the regular open housing market or through an estate auction company for quick sales.

We are here to help you know how to best sell a home as-is with these 6 tips, read on to learn how to get started! 

1. Make Sure It Is Clean 

Just because you are selling your home or property as-is doesn’t mean that it has to look like it hasn’t been taken care of at all. Taking a little time to make things clean will be an unexpected, welcomed surprise for many potential buyers. 

When most people hear the term as-is, they often think about an abandoned and rundown home. So if they come into your property and see that it is at least clean, despite needing some repairs and work done, they will be surprised and more driven to buy. A potential buyer knows there will be work to be done but seeing a little less work is always encouraging. 

The space doesn’t have to be spotless either. Focusing on making the overall space feel clean by sweeping, dusting, mopping, and clearing out junk will make a huge difference. 

2. Be Honest and Upfront 

When you haven’t had a lot of experience in real estate it’s understandable to wonder “is it possible to sell a home as-is” and the answer is always yes, as long as you’re upfront and honest with the potential buyer. 

You aren’t legally required to make repairs or upgrades before you put your home up for sale. But you are required to let the buyer or their agent know of any major flaws that could cause harm or danger. This would include leaks, code violations, plumbing issues, hazardous materials, or faulty electrical wires. 

Once you have disclosed the problems the responsibility is out of your hands. But if you choose to not be upfront and honest you could have continual problems in the future even after the home has sold. 

3. Find the Right Kind of Buyer

A huge answer to the question of how to sell a home as-is is to find the right buyer. Not every person who is looking for a new home to purchase will want to take on a home that already has projects and work to be done. That is especially true if the issues will be very expensive or involves safety questions. 

Luckily, there are many companies who solely look to buy as-is homes. Places like Templar Real Estate Enterprises are set up to purchases as-is homes for fair prices. 

Going with a buyer like this, who has a lot of experience with this type of purchase, makes the whole process much easier for you and leaves you with much less searching. 

4. Set the Stage

Staging is an important aspect of a typical home sale. It is where the property seller sets their home up to look as ideal as possible to potential buyers.

This often includes decluttering and taking furniture out to make the space look bigger. It can also be bringing in additional furniture to show how the space could be used (adding in office furniture in an extra bedroom for example). All of these are ways to make the home more appealing and give the buyer’s imagination a jumping-off point for picturing their life there. 

Even if you are selling the home as-is, staging can be an important aspect of getting the best price. Likely it will involve removing more than adding to allow the buyer to see the full potential of the home. 

5. Market in the Right Places 

As with any sale, the best way to sell a home as-is for the right buyer to see the listing. And the best way to make sure that will happen is to market the listing far and wide. 

Making your listing as appealing as you can also help draw in potential buyers. The key here is to take accurate and visually beautiful pictures, high-quality makes everything look much better. Pay attention to showing all of the angles and try to focus on the high potential areas of the home. 

The right marketing techniques will be your best bet when trying to sell your home quickly. 

6. Set Realistic Expectations 

The most important thing to remember when selling a home as-is is to keep your expectations as realistic as possible. Chances are if you are choosing to sell your home this way, you won’t be able to get the full amount it would be worth with the repairs done. 

It is important to go into the offer stage of selling knowing kind of what you can expect. This helps you to feel confident when you accept an offer that you are not getting ripped off and taking way less than you could get. The knowledge also prevents you from turning down good offers because you think you should be getting more. 

Realistic expectations keep you grounded and positive throughout a possibly stressful situation. 

Quickly Sell a Home As-Is

It can be very stressful to try to figure out what to fix and what to leave when you decide to sell a home as-is you relieve all of that overwhelm. Selling a house as is with no fixing up gives you the opportunity to move on without a lot of additional work.

It might even allow you to sell it for a lower price that ends up selling the house faster. Less time on the market means less property taxes, utilities, and other expenses so it could all balance out in the end.

When you follow our tips and go about selling a home as-is the right way, you will find a buyer quickly and start your next chapter. 

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