Top Types of Roofing Systems for Businesses

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While the health and economic blows continue, much of the United States faces devastating natural disasters. Businesses suffer the effects of both. In discouraging times, do everything you can as a business owner to minimize losses.

Everybody knows investing little leads to payoffs, but have you considered types of roofing systems as new investments? 

Changing or updating your business’s roof might seem like a needless expense but has many benefits. It lowers the likelihood of expensive problems down the road, makes your business more visually appealing, and can save on utilities.

Take a look at some different superior roofing systems.

Types of Roofing Systems That Weather Well

Some businesses feel they have to compromise roof structure for looks. Here are two ways to avoid this hard roofing decision.

Two-Layer PVC Roofs

PVC, or polyvinyl chloride, is a plastic that resists the weather for a low price.

You can weld it for resistance to leaks and water damage. UV resistance on the top layer deflects heat and a lower layer adds insulation. PVC protects from many fires as well.

An added bonus is that PVC is recyclable. Recyclers melt it down and turn it into new products. It’s not the most environmental option, but it is a way to benefit from plastic without too much waste.

Steel and Other Metal Roofing

Metal is a classic roofing option: Steel is easy to maintain and copper roofs have a sophisticated appeal.

Metal doesn’t leak and an added coating reflects heat and makes upkeep even easier. They are one of the most durable options, taking a lot of force to break and giving strong protection against fire.

Roofing for an Eco-Friendly Building

With natural hazards rising, it is clear that businesses must work to lower environmental problems. Eco-friendly materials are good for the planet and protect your business by lowering the nation’s chances of natural damage.

Take a look at these options for eco-friendly roofing on your company property.

Use Reclaimed Roofing Material

Using recycled or reclaimed roofing cuts waste while saving money.

Reclaimed roofing makes fancy looks affordable. Plus, you can support other businesses in your community with new opportunities to sell unwanted material.

Restoring Roofing Instead of Replacement

One of the easiest ways to respect the earth is to fix up your current roofing system. Taking advantage of restoration services avoids the most waste.

Restoring your roof before facing major damage means you won’t pay surprise costs down the road.

Single-Layer Thermoplastic Roofing Saves Money

Roof replacement is less scary when it’s as cheap as possible and thermoplastic, or TPO, roofing fits the bill.

Single-layer roofing means you never have to worry about layers separating. That separation sometimes means you have to replace your roof sooner than you would with a one-layer material.

The material’s light-reflecting abilities help ward off heat and save on cooling costs. This roof option is also fire-resistant, which is also useful for businesses in hot climates during wildfire season.

Keep Your Business Afloat With Convenient Advice

With this information about popular types of roofing systems, you can decide how to update your business’s look in a cost-effective way.

Whether you are looking to keep working on storefront appearance or improving your business in other ways, we have tips for you. Take a look at some of the other articles on this blog to help you power through hard times and protect you in the process.