11 Top Affiliate Marketing Tips For Direct Sellers

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Americans love their online shopping, and if you want to tap into some of that cash, then affiliate marketing is the way to go. When you opt for affiliate marketing as your business model, you’ll be able to make money off products and services you don’t have to make or provide customer service for.


Does affiliate marketing and sales sound too good to be true? Continue reading this article, and we will give you important affiliate marketing tips to help you make this business model work for you.

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11 Top Affiliate Marketing Strategies Today

1. Research Your Niche

Before you start your affiliate marketing venture, you need to find a profitable niche. If you think you have found a niche that is going to work for you, put it to the test and make sure it is going to work.

Look through to see if there are plenty of products and services for you to review. See if the affiliate commissions you will get are high enough to make your effort worth the time you are putting in.

If you are ever on the other side and learning how to create affiliate program, you want to look for affiliates that are niche-focused for the best conversions. If you are trying to qualify for an affiliate program, niching down is the best way to go because this is what affiliate managers are looking for.

2. Choose Keywords for SEO

One of the best sources of traffic for affiliate sales is SEO traffic. When you get traffic from the search engines, you’re getting traffic from people that are looking for exactly what you have to offer.

There are different types of keywords to target. Some keywords are top of the funnel keywords, which means these people are pretty far away from making a buying decision. Some keywords are buyer keywords, which means these people are excited and almost ready to make a purchase.

Having a mix of keywords will allow you to grow your audience and generate more affiliate sales.

3. Know Your Target Audience

Once you’re ready to start affiliate marketing, you need to know how to speak to your target audience and what to offer them. The only way you can know these things is knowing who they are and what they want.

You should know who your target audience is before you start making, but you can learn even more about them through analytics, surveys, social media, segmented email lists, and other ways of researching your audience.

4. Own Your Audience

If you have to depend on Google, Facebook, Twitter, or any other platform to keep visitors coming to your website — no good! If they change their business model or terms, your traffic could totally dry up.

Own your audience by growing your social media following, growing your email list, and building your brand.

5. Always Have a Backup Offer

If you’re only promoting one thing, your affiliate earnings could be in danger. The company might decide to discontinue a product or service, or they might slash their affiliate division.

Having a backup offer will allow you to quickly pivot your strategy if anything goes wrong with your first affiliate offer.

6. Carefully Vet Products and Services Before Promoting

If you want to keep the trust of your audience, you need to carefully vet the products and services. If you recommend products and services that don’t work well or that are scammy or spammy, people will think twice before buying what you recommend.

Think of your overall reputation and the big picture of your business before accepting every product endorsement under the sun.

7. Track Your Affiliate Links

Tracking your affiliate links might mean you have to do a little more work. For every unique place you put an affiliate link, you should use a unique URL from the affiliate program. When you do this, you will be able to know exactly where the sales are coming from.

The few extra minutes it takes to create unique tracking URLs will allow you to know where to focus your efforts. This is one of the most important affiliate marketing tips to keep in mind.

8. Use Retargeting

If you are not retargeting to the people you already made an offer to, you are missing out on sales. Your audience might not have been ready to buy the first time they saw the offer. The situation might be different if you give them the same offer a week or two down the road.

Setting up retargeting gives you better conversion rates, increased ROI, and increased sales.

9. Segment Your Audience

If your audience is in one messy email list, you are missing out on sales. Your audience is likely interested in multiple things and at different stages in their journey.

If you are sending beginner information to people that need advanced information, and vice versa, they are likely to unsubscribe from your email list. Segmenting your audience into different email lists will allow you to speak directly to people in a language they understand with offers that interest them.

10. Place an Affiliate Offer on Your Thank You Page

What is on your thank you page when people sign up for your email list? It is likely that the page just says, “Thank you.” Instead of only having a thank you there, put a relevant affiliate offer there and give them an opportunity to buy from you. Take advantage of the visitor traffic you have right now.

11. Don’t Hide Your Face & Personality

You want to connect with your readers to make your affiliate business function. The fastest way to connect with your readers is by showing off who you are and what you are all about. You have to differentiate yourself from other affiliate marketers and build your personal brand.

Having a photo of yourself and a little bit about who you are on your blog’s sidebar is a great way to get people to connect with you, which can lead to higher conversion rates. Personalization of your brand is one of the most important affiliate marketing tips to increase affiliate sales. It is hard to be successful in affiliate sales and marketing if you are anonymous or some generic content producer.

Winning With These Top Affiliate Marketing Tips

Now you know more about important affiliate marketing tips that will help you be successful online. Use these top affiliate marketing tips to create a booming business and repeat it as many times as you desire.

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