Elisha de Jonge on Freedom Through Internet Marketing

Elisha de Jonge on Freedom Through Internet Marketing

Elisha de Jonge on Freedom Through Internet Marketing

Elisha de Jonge had an adventurous life until having children landed her back home with liabilities. She discovered internet marketing and the rest is. . .

Thanks so much for doing this interview with me Elisha! You have an interesting story and I’m excited to learn more. So, let’s get to it!

You started as an insurance broker, but then found adventure being a cook on a fishing vessel. What was it like being on a boat that long and creating meals for a crew every day?

It was hard work!  We would work  around the clock 24hrs if there was prawns on the tray to sort and box up ready to hit the freezer then we were awake.

At the beginning of the season we could go days without much sleep. My role was a cook I had to be organised and prepare meals for a crew of up to 10 at times, clean and help on the back deck with the catch.

Being organised was the key to delivering the meals. The crew in general were easy to get along with as we all had a job to do and committed to being at sea for weeks at a time.

The longest time we spent away was 5 months we received our stores and mail by a mothership once a month. We only had a satellite phone no internet or mobiles.


What was your favorite cuisine to cook for them and what were some of the prettiest places you boated to?

The favourite meal to cook was with seafood of course. The crew loved crumbed seafood platters it did require a lot of work as I had to clean and prepare the fresh catch on the day.

It would always consist of prawns, scallops, fish, moreton bay bugs and calamari. We visited some amazing places around the coastline of Australia.

Our trips could take us from the Gulf of Carpentaria, QLD to Darwin and over to the Kimberleys in Western Australia. I think by far the prettiest place is the Kimberleys the landscape is amazing and so untouched.

On sunset the colours are spectacular on the cliff faces and the water is a emerald colour. Another place that does need a mention is North of Gove in the Northern Territory the just so untouched.

Fast forward 15 years, you have two children and you might have to get a job again, but you decide on internet marketing instead. How and when did you find out about internet marketing?

As a family we have been living in South Korea for the past 3 years following my husband’s  (Otto) work. Our children were 6 and 8 they were now both at school full time and I found I had time on my hands and was sitting on a PC most of the day I thought why not start earning money from it.  

I looked for opportunities and it was actually quite had to find one that wasn’t a scam and I understood exactly what it was.

My first business opportunity was in travel. It resonated with where I was at and everyone loves to travel. My sponsor was in Australia whom funny enough we had meant when Otto and I traveled around Australia lived in Perth.

I found the opportunity on a job board website as it was really the only place I knew to look. My sponsor was great he supported me and showed me the ropes I did a lot of cold calling made some sales and got the bug of making money online.

I wanted to learn more though I knew there was more to marketing online then just cold calling leads. I then proceeded to follow another leader in that company who was also in another company and joined him in that which was more of make money online business.


What was the first year like for you in internet marketing?

My first year online was good. I made my first commission in the travel biz opp within 3 weeks and recruited another 4 people in.

I changed my course of action though as I was getting tired of ringing leads and the travel company was changing ownership making it unstable to promote. As I have to believe in a product/company before I can honestly sell it on to prospects.

Like I said above I then proceeded to join another high ticket company with a leader from the travel business. With this I also made sales within the first few weeks.

My first year was a big learning curve I would be on any training webinar I could find I wanted to keep learning more and more. Since then I have really been concentrating on building up my brand and website online so in the future I don’t need to cold call leads.

How old is your blog, how many posts are on it, and what type of traffic are you getting daily?

My Blog is 12 months old. I did previously have another couple of websites prior to this one it took me a while to find a style I like and understand wordpress so I can control my own site.

I have 59 posts on there providing online marketing training to people in mlm’s and home business. My blog traffic is organic I don’t use paid traffic to get eyeballs on there. When I write a blog post I promote it with social media and videos on average I get 10 views a day.


I see you have a nice YouTube channel. How has video helped your online brand?

Video has helped me build my brand immensely online. As its working for me in the background to build up the know, like and trust with a audience.

I often speak to people and they say I’ve been watching your videos and learning from you. I have optimised my youtube channel and my videos to get ranked on page one for keywords.


You work full-time now as a internet marketer. What are the most effective “income-producing” activities every new internet marketer should do?

Yes I do work full-time in my business around my family life.

The most effective income producing activities for a new internet marketer I would suggest is doing consistent training videos, daily Facebook lives (a must), regular blog posts (2 a week) and emailing your list.

What has been the best free SEO trick you have implemented on your blog?

Placing a Facebook pixel in the header of my blog and setting up a audience with the ads manager for retargeting.


What is your best way to generate Leads these days and why?

My best way to generate leads is with Twitter. The reason why is you can automate it by using tools like Tweetjuke box. Just like a jukebox you can add blog posts in, trainings, videos linking to YouTube channel and it will push them out evenly into the Twittersphere 24/7.


What is your favorite book right now and why?

My favourite book is the Slight Edge by Jeff Olsen because it’s all about taking daily consistent action that compounds over time to give you results.


What are your goals for 2024?

My goals for 2024 are to:

  • Create my first course in Bing PPC with a membership area within my website. As I’m an accredited professional.
  • Take on more coaching clients in Bing PPC and general online business training.
  • Build up my team to 50 people or more within the training company I am affiliated with.
  • Increase my Facebook friends to over 4,000.


What is your favorite quote and why?

Success is not to be pursued it is to be attracted by the person you become by Jim Rohn. This quote resonates with me as to become successful in any business you need to change the person you are then success comes on the backend.


Thank you so much for doing this interview, Elisha!

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