Ensuring You Have The Mental And Physical Goods To Run Your Business 50 Years From Now

Running a business is taxing. You may be very busy looking after the mental health of your employees, but what about you? If you intend on having the longevity of the best entrepreneurs, you need to have the goods, not just so you can run the business 20 years from now, but 30, 40, or even 50 years from now! What are the things you need to think about?

Those Common Desk Injuries

We can’t do that much damage to us, right? We’re just sitting down. But when you think about issues with repetitive strain injury, sitting down is the latest epidemic to hit our offices, not to mention the fact that we can seize up in so many ways, it may result in us going to an elbow doctor or a chiropractor sooner in our entrepreneurial career than we realize!

There is a reason there are so many health and safety protocols, and if you spend a long time sat down in one place for hours on end, you’ve got to start thinking around this. Become more active, take phone calls stood up, or use dictation software so you can walk around typing reports into your phone!

Sleep More

Yes, it’s all about sleep! You might think you’ve got no time, but you will regret not having the adequate 8 hours when you’ve made a risky business decision because you were half asleep and you thought “why not?” in fact, the riskiest decisions are made when an entrepreneur is not feeling their best self. You don’t think about the consequences, or you may not have the energy to weigh up the pros and cons. But if you had a good night’s sleep, you can let your subconscious do the processing! Not to mention the fact that you are more refreshed to face the next day.

Keeping Hydrated

The most common component of an office environment is coffee, and lots of it! Because a business requires being awake and alert, we think that downing pint after pint of coffee is the one real solution! But the big problem that we have is that if we have a sensitivity to caffeine and we don’t realize to what extent this is, we end up in a cycle where we feel those real slumps in energy due to caffeine meaning that we will forever fuel ourselves with too much. Keeping hydrated is one of the best things. You will feel it when you are hydrated, because everything is a little clearer. Coffee, especially the wrong types, can make you feel really fuzzy.

Get On The Mindfulness Train

You make big business decisions, so you need to be in the right mind! And if you’re not one to sit down and meditate, there are numerous binaural beat programs out there that can work to put you in a meditative state. You’ve got to put yourself in the best physical and mental state as possible. If you want to go the distance and keep the business up and running decades from now, you’ve got to make sure you got the goods, not in a business sense, but in a mental and physical sense.

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