Enticing Candidates With Extra Bells And Whistles

There are a million reasons why professionals that have just left college should not apply for a job with your small business. Large businesses offer them a lot of attractive extras that smaller enterprises struggle to. Healthcare is the number one concern of many.

Not only are young professionals in debt, but they don’t have any way to pay for their illnesses or accidents that cause serious bodily harm. They want security, which is exactly what big corporations provide. So of course, they will flock to those that can and run away from those that can’t.

But it’s a new dawn and it’s a new day because small businesses are providing more of what they are now. In this day and age there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be in a position to offer employees some extras, some bells and whistles. Here’s how you can get started.

Smile and see

Employees will want some kind of healthcare plan even if it’s just the basics. Surprisingly, some of the things that are basic, aren’t usually in basic health insurance plans. Things like Cigna Dental Insurance really do make a difference.

They offer preventative care such as cleaning your teeth with industry-leading tools, giving your routine x-rays to inspect the structure of your teeth as well as other common things like fillings, restorative work and gum inspections.

Vision plans are also helpful as those of your employees who wear glasses can be given routine check ups to make sure their eyesight is not worsening but also provide them with newer frames and better lenses. It’s the simple things in life that matter sometimes.

Reward of flexibility

Some employees really come alive under pressure. Others just falter and they show their wear and tear. However, employees that have gone through several different types of projects, meet deadlines and worked very hard non-stop, should be given the reward of short-term flexible hours.

Essentially, when things cool off inside the business they should be allowed to choose what days and shifts they would like to have. Bear in mind this should be done in a rata format so your office isn’t lacking manpower too much. What this does is allow workers to take half the day off, or simply work on weekends while having weekdays off. They have more freedom, they’re given more time to relax and enjoy some time to take a mid-week holiday. Sleeping in also counts for something when you’re very tired.

Food options

As you have probably figured out, many large corporations are trying to lift their employee spirits by giving them more food options at the cafeteria. Have more selections of pastas, sandwiches, fruits and snacks. Mix things up by changing out the menus and features such as coffee machines to smoothie machines. Give them something new to look forward to and employees will be happier and candidates will be more attracted to the work environment.

Small businesses are flexible, that’s their hallmark. However you can also offer something that the larger more rigid corporations do in the way of basic healthcare plans.

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