Exploring The Wonders Of Arizona: A Guide To The Best Outdoor Activities

explore wonders of Arizona best outdoor activities

Arizona is a state with a lot of different types of landscapes.

In some places, you can experience towering mountains and deep canyons.

Then, just a small distance away, you can also see vast deserts—and even grassland or prairie land.

There are places to hike, there are places to go rafting, and there are all kinds of outdoor activities to engage in while traveling to Arizona.

But in this article, you are going to learn about some of the very best outdoor activities that the state has to offer. Get ready to learn how to experience the outdoors in Arizona like you have never experienced before.

5 Top Outdoor Activities In Arizona

1. Hiking

Arizona has some of the most spectacular hiking trails to be found anywhere in the world.

There are trails that are well suited to beginners, and then there are extremely challenging trails for more experienced hikers—including trails in and around the Grand Canyon National Park, where you can really test your limits and abilities.

And if you love to hike, Arizona is an ideal state to visit for a multitude of different reasons.

2. Camping

Arizona is also a fantastic place for camping.

There are literally campgrounds all over the state, ranging from campgrounds found at high altitudes to campgrounds that literally exist in canyons—and there are even camping spots located deep within the desert.

There is also a range of more modern campsites and primitive campsites to choose from—so you can camp based on your specific preferences.

Just don’t forget to bring your gear, because some places in Arizona are surprisingly far away from civilization.

Hint: Also keep in mind that if you enjoy smoking a bit of cannabis, you may want to apply for a medical marijuana card before arriving—just to make sure that you are all ready to go!

3. Watching Wildlife

You would be surprised how many different types of wildlife you can find and watch in their natural habitat in the state of Arizona.

For example, you can find bighorn sheep, mountain lions, coyotes, and many other different species of birds, rodents, and other critters—all of which can literally offer you a world of entertainment and curiosity just through observation.

Of course, you need to keep your distance and stay safe.

Not all wild animals want to be approached by humans.

Plus, you might scare them away if you are too close or loud.

But with a little bit of planning and forethought, this can be an amazing way to spend some time in Arizona.

4. Rafting

If you enjoy going whitewater rafting, then Arizona is one of the top states for this activity.

Rafting is literally an adrenaline rush. It gives you the opportunity to glide down the river, which is sometimes filled with rapids—affording you a fun, fast-paced adventure that you will truly never forget.

And Arizona is an awesome state for this.

The Colorado River, in fact, which runs through Arizona, offers some of the very best whitewater rafting in the entire world.

You can even go rafting near the Grand Canyon or in the White Mountains.

Just don’t forget to plan ahead and learn the route before you go.

Educating yourself on the rafting trip you plan to take is crucial to avoid running into unforeseen challenges, obstacles, or even unfortunate accidents.

Rafting is fun, but it can be a little bit dangerous if you are not prepared.

Gliding over rough water in a boat requires at least a little bit of know-how—so that you can avoid crashing, sinking, or getting injured.

5. Bird Watching

If bird watching is your ideal way to spend an afternoon, a weekend, or even an entire vacation, then Arizona is the perfect place for you.

The state acts as a home base for over 500 different species of birds.

You can find hummingbirds, eagles, hawks, and many others to watch, study, and enjoy—either as the main focus of your trip, or as another activity to partake in during your visit.

For some of the best birdwatching in the state, try visiting the Phoenix Mountains Preserve or the Sonoita Creek Preserve.

You can even visit the Chiricahua Desert for some out-of-the-way bird-watching adventures that you may not get to experience anywhere else outside of Arizona.


There you have it outdoor enthusiasts!

Those are 5 of the best types of outdoor activities to take part in while visiting the amazing state of Arizona.

All that is left now is to book those plane tickets and head out to AZ. Enjoy your outdoor adventures!