Facebook Marketing: How To Create More Engaging Posts

Social media has become an important marketing tool for businesses. By creating engaging posts, it’s possible to attract new customers and keep existing customers interested in your brand. There are lots of ways to create engaging posts of Facebook as a business. Here are just a few ways to create more engaging posts.

Use images and videos

Posts containing visuals such as images and videos are two times as likely to get engagements. Images could be anything from photographs of your products to memes related to your industry. As for video content, consider filming events and creating your own video ads.

Share interesting facts and news stories

Facts and news stories related to your trade can also help to improve engagement. When it comes to facts, consider interesting stats that are likely to shock your followers and back these up with sources. As for news stories, consider important events and discoveries that are likely to affect your customers.

Set challenges to your followers

To get your followers physically interacting, you could consider setting some Facebook challenges to do. These could be monthly challenges such as Veganuary or Sober October, or they could be challenges that test your followers’ creative skills. By keeping updates on the challenge, you can get people hooked.

Host competitions

Competitions could be another way of engaging people on Facebook. These could include a prize such as your company’s product as a free gift or cash. This could be done as a raffle or a lottery.

Do a poll

Polls are also a great way of getting people engaged by allowing them to give their opinion. This could be a general poll related to your trade or it could be something directly related to your company (it could even be a chance for some market research). Facebook has its own poll feature which is easy to use.

Use humour

Just because you’re a business doesn’t mean you can’t use humour. Many of the most successful brands on social media have used humour to make an impact. You do of course need to be careful of using humour – it’s best to steer clear of religion and politics and anything else that could be deemed offensive to certain people.

Post at key times

Engagement isn’t all about what you post – it’s also about when you post. Consider the key times when your consumers are going to be online. If your company is a business-to-consumer brand, you may find that you get more engagements at weekends and at evenings. Business-to-business brands meanwhile get more engagement during 9 to 5 work hours. On top of when to post during the week, think about linking your posts to seasonal events such as Christmas, Valentines Day and Halloween, as well as sporting events and entertainment award ceremonies.

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