How To Provide Financial Help For Caregivers Of Aging Parents

Financial Help for Caregivers of Aging Parents using Network Marketing

Tips On Financial Help for Caregivers of Aging Parents using Network Marketing

Your parents are getting older. Most parents can’t afford care, which leaves you. Here is a financial option for caregivers of aging parents.

*1 out of 4 adults have financially helped a parent over 65.

*A health aide, or caregiver, will cost you $45,760 a year.

*A shared room in a senior home will cost you $82,000 a year.

*A private room in a senior home will cost you $92,000 a year.

Here Is How to Financially Help Caregivers of Aging Parents with Network Marketing

This is crazy, but statistics show that 30% of caregivers actually die before the person they are caring for dies.

Caring for your parents on your own is highly stressful.

While you are caring for your parents, you are basically missing out on your own life.

This negatively effects your:

  • Retirement
  • Savings
  • Pensions
  • Higher occupational status
  • Personal life
  • Social life

The average caregiver is a female who is 49 years old.

That is the age when she should be saving for her own retirement.

Instead, she becomes ensnared in the well-being of her aging parents.

Most female caregivers fall below the poverty level when they start caring for someone in their family.

The average funeral cost in America is $7800.

What Can Caregivers Do Before It’s Financial Ruin?

There is not many options available, except for Medicaid and Medicare, but most senior homes won’t accept those.

That leaves you covering the expenses out of your pocket.

Working more at your job or getting a second job is impossible because all of your time is in your parent’s home.

You need to work online.

Many online options that pay well require a specialized degree, and competition is extremely high for telecommuting jobs.

If you don’t have a degree it is almost impossible to get something that pays above $12 an hour.

$12 an hour is about $23,000 a year before taxes.

That can barely pay half of a caregiver’s salary, let alone medical expenses and food.

So, ideally, you will want a work from home business that can pay well and provide you with extra time for your parent.

This business requires:

  • No degree required.
  • Can be done a few hours a day.
  • Has exponential growth potential.
  • Has low-start up costs
  • No inventory
  • No Cold Calling
  • No bugging friends and family
  • $5k a month potential within two to three years

This business is called Network Marketing and there are over 22 million network marketers in America and over 100 million globally.

It is a completely legal business model that generates over $190 Billion in annual sales.

The startup fee is low, only the cost of your personal product.

No employees.

This is your own home-based business and you are the boss.

The people you “network” with and promote your business to are people online.

There is no special degrees required and the network marketing company handles almost everything.

They provide:

  • The manufacturing of product.
  • Distribution of product “directly” to your customer base and to paid affiliates.
  • Accounting, marketing tools, and automated sales funnels.
  • Cloud computing
  • Personalized business dashboard where you access your business.

With a low entry point, network marketing is easier to start than expensive franchises that range from $200k to $1 million to start.

With network marketing you set your own hours and can build your business using social media, blogging, and videos.

The key is to get your opportunity seen by the millions of prospects online looking for a home-based business.

I am not saying that this is a get-rich-quick scheme nor a pyramid scheme.

It will be hard work in the beginning building an organization of people like yourself who want income from home.

It is realistic to earn $5 a month within 2 to 5 years depending on how much you work the business and model successful leaders.

Create Financial Help for Caregivers of Aging Parents using Network Marketing

Watching your parents get older and more disabled is a scary issue, especially when there is no extra income or resources to utilize.

A network marketing business can be started for as little as a $100 a month with no strings attached.

The large income amounts in network marketing come from not just you “selling” product, but by building a team of paid affiliates like yourself, and you earn a small percentage off of their efforts as well.

If you would like more information about this network marketing opportunity, visit the MLM section of the Everything Entrepreneur Blog right now!