How To Form Habits That Build Your MLM Business

How to Form Habits that Build Your Network Marketing Business

How to Form Helpful Habits that Build Your Network Marketing Business

Creating a successful network marketing business takes production and efficiency. Here is how to form habits that are positive and income-producing.

Most people who start network marketing are all over the place and want to do podcasts, blogging, Facebook LIVES, etc.

But, they get overwhelmed and burn out in two weeks.

Or, there are those who do a lot of activity for their business for one week, then do nothing more, thinking that will get them success.

Here’s How to Form Habits that Build Your Network Marketing Business

When I started my network marketing business in 2014, I only knew how to get leads with Twitter.

I was kind of lucky for knowing that much, but the rest of the time I was all over the place.

I spammed my opportunity link everywhere I could think of, including:

  • In the comment section beneath YouTube videos
  • On Yelp, pretending I was reviewing “a business.”
  • Craigslist
  • Manta – An online business directory, like the Yellow pages.
  • Facebook MLM groups – No one cares about your opportunity.
  • Myspace – Even though the platform died years ago.
  • Yahoo Places – Not even relevant.
  • IBO Toolbox – Okay, at least network marketers are on this platform.
  • Amazon Author Bio – I sold an ebook, now I’m spamming readers!
  • Non-Relevant Blogs – Leaving comments about my biz op

The list goes on and on.

Did I ever get leads from any of this?


If I did, they were confused and lost, like I was!

Spamming your opportunity link doesn’t work, especially now in 2023.

It might have worked when the internet first started and everything was crazy with no spam filters or algorithms, but today, people won’t stand for it.

You need to have class on the internet, seriously.

Do you think you can get away with just spreading spam or hate all over the internet and get away with it?

No it will not benefit your MLM business. You will be blocked in a heartbeat, then all your accounts will be suspended for multi-level marketing mishaps or network marketing spam.

So, How Do You Use Healthy Marketing Habits to Build Your Biz?

After a few years of doing research and maturing as an internet marketer, I discovered what worked and what didn’t.

I also put analytics on my opportunity links to see what was converting the best.

After refining and refining my daily activities, from being “head-in-the-clouds” to laser-focused, I came up with the best income-producing activities which I do every morning, which I will share with you here.

From 8AM to 9AM – Follow or Unfollow on Twitter

Twitter has always been my number #1 lead source, even though the leads do not convert as well as my blog.

When I follow people on Twitter and they follow me back, they get an automated direct message from me that generates leads. I talk about How to Get MLM Leads with Twitter and Statusbrew here.

I also Unfollow the people who haven’t followed me back in the past 60 days once or twice a week to clean up my following.

From 9AM to 10:30AM – Write a Blog Post

I have a list of blog title ideas on my phone that I am always adding to.

In the morning, I select a blog title that excites me and I want to write about.

I write a 650 to 800 word post within an hour and a half. If I truly know the subject and am passionate about it, I can write it under an hour.

I place a “call-to-action” at the bottom of the article. This is how I generate leads.

From 10:30AM to 11AM – Shoot a YouTube Video

I then basically reread the blog post and come up with 3 to 5 key points and go outside (the lighting is better) and shoot a 3 minute video talking about the subject.

I then tell my viewers to click on the link below the video which leads to my blog or business landing page.

To Conclude: How to Form Habits that Build Your Network Marketing Business

Those 3 income-producing habits only take me 3 hours a day to do.

Sometimes, if I am on fire, this process only takes 2 hours.

All 3 habits produce content, value, and leads.

I then can take the rest of the day off.

I do this 6 days a week.

After a year, I have a large library of content that collects leads around the clock and around the world.

This is what you want to do if you want to grow a successful network marketing business.

I hope this helps you to grow your MLM business bigger and better than ever!