How I Found Jesus Through Network Marketing

How I Found Jesus Through Network Marketing

How I Found Jesus Through Network Marketing

There are a lot of Christians in MLM for good reason. Network marketing is about community. Here is How I Found Jesus Through Network Marketing.

This MLM Company Has Been A True Gift From God And Changed My Life

How did you find Jesus, or are you still searching?

Believe me.

I had no idea I would come back to Jesus and God.

I spent decades doing it my way.

From a fapping addiction to alcohol addiction to several lost jobs and broken relationships, I have been through the ringer.

“My way” created a selfish, narcissistic fearful man.

I didn’t like people because I didn’t like myself.

When I found network marketing, I saw all the self-development the leaders talked about.

They had a certain light in their eyes and a lot of them talked about God.

Here’s How I Found Jesus Through Network Marketing

When I discovered network marketing in 2014, I knew I had found the business of a lifetime.

I already was familiar with affiliate marketing, but had never heard of network marketing.

But, I soon realized that network marketing was about “networking” with lots of people.

I had been sober for 8 years, but didn’t have Jesus, a support group, or even friends.

The last friendships I held were alcohol-related, and now, I simply was afraid of people because I had hid at home so long.

The Struggling First Years without Jesus

Like a lot of new network marketers, I just wanted to make money, and the less contact I had with people, the better.

I was basically a hermit coming into one of the most social business models on the planet.

But, I didn’t want to quit MLM, even all the way through 2023 with a mix of successes and sem-failures.

I knew network marketing offered unlimited income (no income cap) through passive and residual income, which meant I could created a life-changing income stream and eventually live life on my terms.

My MLM business sucked for the first couple years.

I spammed my opportunity all over social media.

I rarely got anyone into my business.

My conversion rate was under 1% most of the time.

The only reason I got people in my business is because I had automated my Twitter account and had over 200,000 followers.

Other than that, I had built no relationships, no real followers, and certainly no quality leaders in my MLM business.

So, I began to look into self-development, just like the leaders talked about.

I began doing positive affirmations and Law of Attraction.

I listened to wealth hypnosis an hour a day.

I created a vision board. . .


I turned to more intense alternative therapies, like Shamanism and using plant medicines from the Amazon.

One day, I drank a cup of plant medicine with my wife, and an hour later we were both having a “bad trip.”

We were basically writhing on the bed with a dark sense of unhappiness.

I was considering calling 911.

I didn’t want to escalate it by panicking, but all I could think about was my racing heart.

I finally decided to ask Jesus in and help us.

I hadn’t really asked him in before.

All of a sudden there was a warm presence in the room and I instantly became sober.

I was overwhelmed with a sense of well-being and confidence.

I knew Jesus was there.

And, as I looked over at my wife, she was sobbing and I said confidently: “Jesus is here.”

And she looked at me with tears running down her face and said: “Yeah, I know. . .”

Jesus and the Holy Ghost were now inside of me, but it was still a little seed.

I had no idea it could grow without me knowing it, but it did.

A couple months later, my wife had to go to work.

She had a job to support my failing MLM business, which is another pathetic story in itself.

When she left, I randomly thought about how Brian “Head” Welch had left the band Korn, walked away from a $20 million contract, because he had found Jesus and stopped a two year meth habit instantly.

I already had one of his albums and decided to listen to it.

The first song was L.O.V.E.

I love harder music, and the guitars were cool.

As a drummer, I don’t listen to the lyrics that much, but a line that he sang instantly opened my heart and I started to wail.

The lyric was:

“Stop resisting and come home to me.”

He was singing as Jesus, and when he sang that lyric, I broke down sobbing.

It felt like I had been running since I was 8 –  37 years of pain, suffering, and without Jesus.

After this night, I wanted to know more about Him.

Sometimes, my heart would open and I would cry uncontrollably.

I used to judge this as suffering or weakness, but I learned that it was actually love pouring out of my heart, endless love from Jesus.

I began to turn my life over to Jesus more and more and my network marketing business took off.

The ultimate paradox to this was you don’t live life on your terms with Jesus.

You ultimately become a vessel to serve him.

I was scared to let go of my greed.

I wanted money more than Jesus.

But, I soon realized all that stuff, the money, girls, cars, etc, actually made me kind of ill and empty inside.

The only thing that made me feel better than worse was developing a better relationship with Christ.

Seek first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness, and all these things will be added unto you.” Matthew 6:33

To Sum Up: How I Found Jesus Through Network Marketing

I am still new to all of this.

It is scary and exciting at the same time.

I would love your feedback on how I can better serve Him and if you have any resources that would be awesome.

Oh, and I wanted to ask you: “How did you find God?”