Why Full Time Network Marketers Love Mondays

Why Full Time Network Marketers Love Mondays

Why Full Time Network Marketers Love Mondays

Most people who have a job hate Mondays. Here’s why and how to love Mondays as a network marketer.

Most people are sitting in rush hour traffic by 7:45 AM on Monday.

This is when they hate their life the most.

I was a little luckier, I think.

I worked in the restaurant industry, and monday is when they didn’t need us.

But, I was used and spent from the crazy weekends cooking hundreds of dishes of food for people who had money and I didn’t.

Out of almost 20 years in the restaurant business and my hourly pay increased by only 4 dollars.

I remember getting a .25 cent raise one time. . .

What a joke.

Well, I wasn’t exactly seeking Executive Chef status.

I was basically either waiting to drink, or I was hungover.

Flipping burgers was a way to make enough for rent and food and still party.

But then, decades pass by and I’m nearing 40 years old.

I got sober and realized I was on a dead end street with my life.

Introduction to Internet Marketing

Well, since I got sober I had to write my story down. Everyone was writing a book and uploading it to Amazon.

It was a real eBook boom.

So, I wrote a book and felt good about it and now I just needed to promote it somehow.

I discovered Twitter.

This was in 2011.

Twitter was really hot and everyone was “Retweet” happy back then, so it really helped my book sales.

Mind you, I was only making like $70 a month from my ebook, but it was my first taste at internet marketing.

Then, I discovered Affiliate Marketing.

Clickbank was still huge, so I found a product that related to my audience on Twitter, that of mostly writers.

All I had to do was make tweets that basically promoted my affiliate links without sounding too spammy.

This was 2013 and I made $2000 one year with Clickbank.

I couldn’t believe it!

The only downside was that these were one time orders.

It was like a sales job.

Then in 2014, I discovered network marketing

I didn’t know what the term really meant.

I took to YouTube and found any videos about it.

I suddenly realized that there were leaders in network marketing making $50k to 150k a month, legally.

Are you kidding?!

How do you make $50,000 a month if you just sell products one time?

See, I was confused.

I was still thinking about “one time” sales.

Then, I heard a little term called “autoship.”

Then, I heard a term called “leveraged income.”

It occurred to me that these big incomes were not the work of one individual, but of many.

The key to success in network marketing was to build an organization (people that joined through you), get them to duplicate what you did to get them to join, and get everyone ordering every month, recurring, on “autoship.”

When someone “re-orders” for the month, you get a little monthly commission.

If you have thousands of people reordering each month, you make thousands a month, whether you work or not.

This sounded like a business I wanted to be in!

The Car Climbing the Hill Analogy

The projection of network marketing success is kind of like a car that starts out climbing a big hill.

Pretend the car has little horsepower.

The car is struggling to climb the hill.

This is like network marketing in the beginning.

It’s just you and maybe a couple of others on your team and your checks are laughable.

Then, the car reaches the top of the hill and it just got a lot easier.

This is around year 2 to 4 in network marketing, you have a lot more people on your team working together and your income is getting good, maybe equal to what you make at your job.

Then, the car starts going down the other side and picks up speed.

This is year 4 to 7 in network marketing, you have a ton of people on your team and the money is way more than you’ve ever made and you are barely recruiting yourself.

This is the projection of network marketing.

Most people don’t see the long-term vision.

They want instant money now.

But, if you’re consistent and have a strong vision, you could easily retire from your job within 3 to 5 years, realistically.

our new car that Joe Vitale and Law of Attraction helped us get

Why Full Time Network Marketers Love Mondays

I fired my boss April, 2016.

I now work from home full-time because of network marketing.

Now, one of the most favorite things my wife and I like to do is go to the movies and drive around on Mondays.

The traffic is less and no one is playing because most people are angry that it’s Monday.

We have full access to the city without any crowds because most people are in their cubicles.

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