How to Get Sober with Jesus And Not Give Away Your Heart

How to Get Sober with Jesus: Stop Whoring Your Heart

How to Get Sober with Jesus: Stop Giving Away Your Heart To Addictions And Self-Destructive Behavior

Might be a little controversial, but sometimes we need a shock to change our life. Here is How to Get Sober with Jesus: Stop Giving Away Your Heart.

Yes, I actually said a crude word in the original title of this blog post.

I am sure you have said worse words at some point as well.

Judging me is judging yourself. If you live in a glass house, don’t throw stones.

We are giving away our hearts for a cheap high in today’s modern world.

Heaven and Hell is not after we die.

It is here and now, and you can go as dark as you like or as light as you want.

But, the dark is an empty high that doesn’t last.

Are you getting drunk or high every night?

Are you feeling angry and remorse and it is just fueling the downward spiral?

I understand you completely.

I was there most of my life.

Got drunk sometimes twice a day and would skip meals because I didn’t want to ruin “the buzz.” and feel actual feelings again.

What a rollercoaster,

But it is worse than that. . .

If you focus on the darkness, life can look really evil.

I was there one night.

Really evil.

Didn’t know I had it in me,

But I was in a blackout drunk.

I was in an altercation with a girlfriend at the time.

One minute I was laughing

And the next minute I was crying.

At one point, when I was laughing, a demon was inside me.

I remember clearly (even though I was blacked out, because the thought was so evil and new to me) but I got excited that I could take her life.

That is correct sadly, in my terrible state of alcohol and drug-addled mind.

I got excited knowing that I could end her life, as horrific as that may sound. I knew I wasn’t going to act on it, but it was still a terrifying thought.

It wasn’t me.

It was the devil and he was so happy that I was in that place.

I felt immortal, like I could do absolutely anything outside the rules of humanity, like Ted Bundy style.

But, that was just another night drunk.

There were so many nights, that pissing my bed and blacking out were part of the norm.

I soon stopped changing the bed and just pissed on the mattress when I passed out.

I am not saying this to “outdo” your experiences, I am saying it because there is really no end to the drama and the darkness until you finally just stop running and go back to Jesus.

He loves you so much.

He is like the eternal father you never had.

He will fill you up when all those things you do aren’t working anymore.

There is no escape from your heart,

And your heart is craving to receive true love again.

Believe me, I tried running from myself with at least 7 addictions running congruently.

Ever since I was 8 years old, I have been trying to escape myself.

I finally stopped running when I heard Brian Welch sing as Jesus: “Stop your running and come back to me.”

I purged strongly with tears of love.

My heart hurt as I let the warm emotions flood me.

How to Finally Get Sober with Jesus

It won’t be overnight, but if you accept Jesus back in, he will start to transform you.

Ask him sincerely to remove the chains of your addictions.

I am here for you as well and praying so much for you.

Slowly, you will feel more lightness in your life than darkness.

You will feel a peace you have never felt and it will truly put you at ease.

Jesus is called the Prince of Peace because he is the only salvation to the running and drugging and drinking and the millions of other distractions we create.

So, say this prayer out loud. Put your hands on your heart:

Jesus. I am tired of running.

I want to accept you back into my life.

Please wash away my past and fill my heart with your love.

Please show me how to live with your grace.

I am ready to live a new life with you.

Thank you Jesus.


This praying will help.

Thank you for reading this out loud.

Don’t look around for miracles, but have faith that he is renewing your heart and reducing or halting your addictions right now.

You now have a relationship with Jesus, maybe for the first time.

I pray that this makes it to a reader who is struggling like I was.

I love you as my brother or sister, although I am far from perfect.

It is a process, but the light always overcomes the shadows.

And, you will truly shine a light that we are all meant to shine.

God bless and trust in Jesus to help you! I hope he can help you too and heal your heart like he did mine.