Good, Clean Desktop Management Is Essential To Your Workflow

There is a very large chance that you use some kind of personal device to help you with your work. Perhaps you have managed to avoid this in your career, but of course, at least when managing personal projects, this is now the new norm. This means that keeping good care of your devices is essential to ensure that the work is easy to access, or that you can keep everything organized.

We have all heard of the horror stories that occur when mission-critical information for your work or personal life is corrupted, or you lose the only copy you had.

But this isn’t the only risk you might find when failing to structure a device, be that your laptop, desktop computer, mobile or tablet. When you have everything working together, things simply become more easy, even in the little things. For example, imagine having to sign into every service you use on a given day, with your username and password being expressly typed out. You would be there all morning. We use time-saving measures throughout our daily digital interaction, and so optimizing this is worthwhile.

Consider the following:

Labels & Tagging

It’s all very well to be working on many disparate documents at the same time, but there’s a chance that if you do not categorize them well, tag them appropriately and title them in a uniform fashion, you will have trouble making the best of your work.

Consider a graphic designer for example, as they spend much of their time in applications such as Photoshop. Let’s say they are in collaboration with an important client. Due to the continuous nature of drafting new files and making small arrangements to images, they might find themselves with a hilariously duplicated set of items that are hard to sift through.

For example, files might be titled draft_one_professional, all the way up to final_final_final_final draft of copy, deadline Sunday, and then, perhaps if losing their temper with a pushy client – final_final_annoyingclient_final_fontjustalittlelighterevenifitmakesnovisualdifference_complete.

This is not a careful and deliberate way of tagging. Instead, tagging each file for properties, having folders set up so they can be categorized and searched more easily, and having uniform saving tags in place can ensure that files can be found easily, and are possible to understand at a glance. That’s all you need.

Keep Your Disk In Good Array

Your hard drive might be susceptible to corruption if you do not defrag it from time to time. Those using SSD’s might not have to deal with this issue. This article can also help you should you be experiencing the ‘Startup Disk Full’ error that has been known to plague Mac systems. Keeping your base in good array and backing up to the cloud where appropriate is and will always be the best method of desktop management, no matter what.

Develop Measures

It is essential to develop solid measures of keeping your desktop process clean. Ensure you save your items to proper folders, not just the desktop. Use a non-intrusive cloud saving option. Check the health of your hard drives. Keep secure and encrypted USB’s as a backup. And be sure to continually update your device to ensure the latest bug fixes are delivered to you.

With these tips, you’re sure to engage in good, clean desktop management.