In-Roof vs Integrated Solar Panels Property Benefits

in-roof integrated solar panels built into roofing renewable power energy for property

If you have been thinking about taking advantage of solar energy but are hesitant about taking the next step because you are not keen on the idea of installing solar panels on your rooftop, there is another solution you may be able to use: in-roof or integrated solar panels. Unlike standard solar panels that are installed on top of a roof, integrated or in-roof solar panels are essentially integrated into the roof – they are, in fact, your roof itself. They are designed to replace a part of your roof, and there are no tiles beneath the panels.

But what else should you be aware of in regards to these types of panels? Here is your ultimate guide to in-roof or integrated solar panels: and what they can do for your property power.

The Basic Facts On In-Roof Solar Panels

Integrated or in-roof solar panels are similar in every respect to standard solar panels, but with one key difference: rather than being placed on top of your roof’s existing slates or tiles, specialists will integrate them into your roof so they can replace a portion of your actual roof. There will be no slates or tiles beneath each panel, and the in-roof panel is weatherproofed and designed to be as strong as standard tiles whilst still having the photovoltaic cells needed to produce energy for your property.

The Advantages

• Aesthetic Appeal

Some homeowners hesitate to install a solar panel system because they believe it makes their properties look unsightly. Whilst this may be so with standard panels, it’s not the same with in roof solar panels such as those from On-roof panels can be bulky, but in-roof solar panels are not only streamlined but are set up as part of the structure of your roof. These panels will sit flush with your slates or tiles so they can seamlessly blend in. This is a benefit especially if you may be thinking of selling your property in the future.

The Cost And Expense

When it was first introduced, integrated solar panels were costlier than traditional or standard solar panels. But since the technology is now more popular, there are plenty more manufacturers who offer in-roof solar panel systems at a lower cost. There is a lot of competition nowadays, and this has brought the cost down to something a lot more affordable. Additionally, if you opt for in-roof solar panels, it is still less expensive compared to completely replacing your roof.

• Their Lightweight Property

Another excellent reason why integrated solar panels have become more popular is that they are lightweight. If you try to have standard solar panels installed on top of the slates or tiles of your roof, this will add more burden to the structure, and you may end up with roof issues after some time. But with an integrated solar power panel system, you don’t need to have any mounting frames. The installers will simply remove a portion of the tiles or slates and replace them with the in-roof panels, so there will not be any extra weight.

Smart Solar

If you are having your entire roof replaced or if you are building an entirely new home, in-roof solar panels are ideal because you can have the panels fitted at the same time as your tiles or slates. It’s simply the smart way to do solar power!