A Simple Guide to Retaining Your New Employees

how to retain new employees improve company talent retention

Employees leaving your organization abruptly can have a huge negative impact. It will also cost you time and money to find a replacement and train them to fit in their new role. Did you know that whenever a good employee leaves an organization, it can build some negativity in your team? This kind of negativity can affect the productivity of your current team.

This is why you ought to strategize on new employee retention right from the time you recruit. You should know that the impression you make to your new employee on day one can affect retention. A negative first impression will put them off and they might start looking for a job as soon as they start their new one. Let us give you a few tips to help you retain your new employees.

Offer A Good Salary And Other Benefits

One of the best places to start is to offer your new hire reasonable compensations during recruitment. A well-paid employee will tend to give more with a proper package in return. Try to give employee benefits like performance bonuses or days off, etc. Additionally, provide perks like shopping vouchers and tickets to special events. A competitive salary and benefits will boost your new employee’s morale that will be channeled to your business.

Send Handbooks And Paperwork To The New Employee Earlier

Onboarding is another essential phase of reducing turnover. So, you should give your employees the best experience as they join your team. For example, if there is any paperwork that the employee needs to fill, send it to them before their reporting date. The same applies to the organization’s handbook.

This ensures that they are not overwhelmed by filling in forms or going through handbooks the very first time they report to the organization. You should invest in tools to help you do onboarding right. Ultimately, you will benefit from increased People Ops efficiency in your business. Remember, onboarding takes time thus you should have a long-term plan for your new hire.

Create A Pleasant First-Day Experience

Creating a pleasant first-day experience makes the employee feel welcomed and valued, which boasts a smooth transition into the company. As a rule of thumb, alert the entire team, including the front office staff of a new employee arrival. Ensure that the employee is received and directed appropriately. The new employee should not be kept waiting for too long at the front office.

It is also good to ensure that the new employee workspace is ready before they report. Equip it with the necessary tools and materials that the new employee will need for their role. If you can, organize a meet-and-greet session on the day the new employee reports. This is the perfect time to introduce the new employee to the rest of the team. It creates a healthy relationship among your employees, and the new hire will feel welcomed.

Allocate A Mentor To The New Employee

Get a person, preferably a senior coworker, to mentor the new employee actively. The mentor should be committed, knowledgeable, and should not be too busy to help. Get the right person who will be able to answer any questions that the employee raises confidently. Ensure you have a mentor who will give attention to the new hire without them feeling like the new employee is an obstacle and a distraction to their work.

Offer Training

Although your new employee is certified, competent, and is experienced, you should give them tailored training. Different organizations operate differently, and the fact that they have experience does mean they will be able to maneuver in your organization without training. Training your employees makes them familiar with the organization’s culture, procedures, and policies. This helps them have a solid foundation in the organization and work confidently.

Tip: You should also give them periodic training and keep tabs on their progress.

Assign A Task To The New Employee Promptly

Do not wait too long to allocate the new employee a task. Tasking them will make them feel productive, valued, and boost their morale, which will enable them to thrive in their roles. However, do not keep the employee busy with tasks too early in your organization.

Offer Flexible Work Arrangements

Times are changing, and you ought to adapt as well. One way to adapt is to give flexible work arrangements to employees if you can. Some of the common models are flextime, compressed workweek, and telecommuting, etc. Most business owners don’t know this, but flexible work arrangements improve productivity. Most employees in the millennial bracket know how to strike a balance between work and work-unrelated activities.

Wrap Up On Increasing Employee Retention

The bottom line is that retention of a new employee depends on how content they feel in your organization. You should strive to create a long-lasting first impression, ensure employees feel valued, and equip them appropriately. In return, they will be very productive, and this will enable your business to thrive.