Guidelines For Roster Managers When Planning Leave

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Planning leave and managing staff can be quite challenging for roster managers. So, we will look at a couple of tips on how a roster manager can do just that.


You can start by looking at projection leave reports and creating a draft plan on the leave for every member of staff. This should be done for the entire year and should contain the full amount of leave for each staff. This needs to be done so that you have good alignment with your leave target. TrackTime24 work schedule planning makes this task simple.


You need to talk to your staff and let them know about all the resources, procedures. You should also recommend the best times for them to take leave.


You should have open conversation with your staff so that all parties understand the needs of one another. They should also write up the necessary documents and submit them to you.


You should look at and thoroughly assess the application. This needs to be done to determine if you can deliver your business’s services if the employee is not present. Be sure to follow the processes and confirm approval.


No matter what the outcome is, be sure to let your employee know it asap. This is necessary so that they can adjust their plans as necessary.


If you will need to get another person to fulfill your business’s services while your employee is on leave, be sure that you leave enough time for recruitment.


In the event that there are changes, be sure to let the staff member know and re-do the assessment.


Add the employee back to the roster on the day that they are expected to return to work. Be sure to let them know about any work changes that happened while they were away on leave as soon as you can.


Keep all of these tips in mind when planning leave as a roster manager! It will help keep your business running smoothly in the long-term.