Gurpreet Tooray Interview On Lead Gen With Attraction Marketing

Gurpreet Tooray on Getting Leads with Attraction Marketing and Facebook

Gurpreet Tooray on Getting Leads with Attraction Marketing and Facebook

Gurpreet Tooray was close to starvation and had too much pride to ask parents for more help when she discovered Attraction Marketing. Here is her story below in our exclusive interview.

Thank you so much for doing this interview with me, Gurpreet. You have a powerful story that I want to learn more about. So, let’s get started!

Where were you born, what was growing up for you like, and what did your parents do for a living?

I was born in London, England.  I had a very happy childhood, nothing was ever lacking and it was a great time.  

My mother came over to England after my parents got married.  They were both quote young.  My mother works as a Practice Manager for a Doctor’s surgery and my Father works for the UK postal service.


What did you want to do when you “grew up” and did you or your family have any Entrepreneurial aspirations?

I always wanted to be a Doctor and in fact I am a medical student and I work on my business part time.

Entrepreneurship was never a big thing in my household. To be honest I had heard the word growing up but never knew what it was and I couldn’t understand the whole working for commissions funnily enough. It was a very different outlook than nowadays.


In later years, you found yourself close to starvation and unable to bring yourself to ask your parents for more money. What did you type into Google that changed the direction of your life?

If I remember correctly it was “How can a student make money online” A whole new world opened up to me that night.

When did you discover network marketing, how was it in the beginning, and what was the biggest challenge?

I discovered it 5 years ago in 2011.  From the time I typed in the phrase “How can a student make money online” to then joining my first network marketing company it took me about a week’s worth of research.  

I slept very little that week, going from blog to blog, webpage to webpage until I came across something that caught my eye. I was sick and tired of lying awake in bed worried about where my next meal was going to come from.

I had come across a landing page from someone who I now know to be a big marketer and the landing page said “How to make $710,000 in 30 days”.

As you can imagine that was a very exciting thing for someone in my position to read. I still remember it as if I had seen it yesterday. It felt like the right place to be so I joined up. It turned out to be a vehicle for another company “Empower Network” where I made my start in this wonderful industry.

In the beginning it was very exciting.  I would stay up late making notes and absorbing everything I could; learning all the words and understanding things, I still have the folders with all those notes but as time went on I found that people were not signing up like I thought they would and 30 days came and went and I did not have the $710,000 from the landing page so that was disheartening but I didn’t give up.  

It took me 4 years to realize that the issue was with me and really my lack of knowledge on how to market properly and effectively.


What was the most important lesson you learned during that period, and what do you suggest new network marketers do?

The most important lesson was to get over yourself. This is a completely new world, unlike anything you have done in life and it takes a different mindset and different outlook than what we have been conditioned in life.

Once you step back and say Yes, I need help with what I am doing and I need a mentor or coach or even that I need to buy some training that is going to show me how to market you will see doors open for you.  

If you could make the money you want to make with the knowledge that you have right now why aren’t you making it? Obviously there is something lacking so get out of your own way and get the training you need.

For someone new coming in I would say make sure that the company you are with is something you are happy promoting.  You need to give it your all and realize that your success is up to you, not your upline or downline.

Whatever work you put in will get results; it may not be today, tomorrow or next month but consistency is key.

Choose a social media platform and master it before you add another.. focus and consistency.  There is nothing wrong with asking for help because you will fail but you will fail forward.


When did you discover Attraction Marketing, what is it exactly, and how did that help you make money online?

I discovered Attraction Marketing roughly a year ago.  After struggling for 4 years (in which I made a total of $25) I stepped back and said enough is enough and that’s when I found attraction marketing.  

Attraction Marketing could also be called value based marketing – so you are attracting people to you who share the same interests and values as you and they like what you are putting out into the market place.

So instead of posting your company link on your Facebook profile or in groups, why not share an ebook or video or some other type of content that teaches people to do something.  

If you can impart wisdom and help someone solve an issue you will get their loyalty. Ray Higdon has a great formula for this, its called the ILT method.  Invest in your education, Learn something and then Teach it. Most people fail because they do the I and the L but they don’t do the T.

When you start teaching people something you get inbox messages from people who want to know more and after talking to them I get to a point where I can sign them up because I have the solution to their problems. Money is not an objection if what you have is valuable to them.


I love your blog. How old is it, how many posts are on it, and are you generating Leads with it consistently?

Thank you very much. My blog is a year old right now. I have 130 blog posts on it and for the past few months I have started getting leads from my blog and more people interacting with it, which is amazing.


I see you are a big fan of using Facebook to generate leads. Could you explain what the 5 part Facebook Recruiting Formula is and how to implement it?

Facebook is an amazing place to get leads and sign ups into your business because personally I think this is the most intimate social media platform where you can really talk to people.

1) Make sure your profile doesn’t look spammy; so have your face for your profile picture and have a nice image for your cover photos (not your company logos- you want to brand YOU, not the company that you are an affiliate of)

2) Produce content consistently. You cannot expect to get leads if you post once every 2 weeks on Facebook. You need to stay in front of people and let them know you exist. I would recommend posting at least 3 times a day.

3) Be leery of what you are posting – people do not need to hear about your drama and negativity.  When people read that from you that is how they see you so keep that hidden.  

Change up the kinds of things you promote – lifestyle posts, quotes, behind the scenes in your business, create curiosity so people have no choice but to message you and ask what is up.

4) When someone interacts with your post, whether it is a comment or a like or share, reach out to them. They are telling you that they like what you posted. Send them a message thanking them for the interaction and then strike up a conversation with them.  

Check out their profile briefly before you message them and see if you have something in common and something you can start chatting about.  

It is more important to be interested than interesting. People love it when you talk about them so ask questions and get them talking.  How would you talk to a friend?

5) Once you have established rapport and a friendship it becomes easier to recommend something to someone. At some point during your conversation it will no doubt turn to business.  

The best way to find out if someone is a right fit for your biz opp or products is to ask questions.  This is how I can find out if people are struggling with their network marketing businesses and I can recommend something to them that will help and voila I get a sign up.  

Don’t be a sales person, be someone who recommends things to people – you will find you get less rejections that way.

Which is better, a Facebook fan page or profile page for generating leads?

Both have their advantages.  Facebook isn’t too keen on you doing business with your profile so that is something to keep in mind but more people see what you post.

Although your Fan page gets less organic reach, when you learn how to do Facebook ads from your fan page that is one hell of a tool to use. I have started working on Facebook ads and it is powerful!

Having a fan page goes a long way towards you having authority too – you will see that most brands and most business owners will have a fan page so I recommend getting one.


I personally am unable to “boost” my posts on Facebook. Is this “Facebook jail” and is there a way out of it?

Facebook Jail is very different because most times you are in Jail for a short period of time. It is like getting a slap on your wrist. Once your ad account shuts down however, it is very hard to get it back.  

I had my ads account shut down but there is a work around.  If you go on over to Facebook Business, you can make a business ad account for free and you should now be able to boost your posts from within that professional platform. It worked for me so I can advertise again.


What would you have someone do if they just joined your network marketing team as far as getting Leads?

So when someone joins my team I have them set up their back office – put in all their details and get things set up so they can start earning.  

I then point them to two specific training videos available to members only.  Both of these videos will show them how to use their affiliate links properly on Facebook and how to talk to people. Most people start generating leads within their first 10 days of starting with us.


What is your favorite book right now and why?

My favorite book at the moment is Money: Master The Game by Tony Robbins.  

I am a big fan of his and there is a lot of information in that book. It is a big read but for me it has got my creative juices flowing and the information in there is all things the general population should know about their finances.


What are your goals for 2023?

My goals are to move up at least 2 rank levels in my company for 2023. I want to be in a position where I am able to help at least 50 families or individuals change their finances by the end of the year.

I know what it is like to be in a place where you think there is no way out but I found a way and I want to show others that it is possible. I am blessed and grateful to be where I am and more people should know about this industry because it is life changing.


What is your favorite quote and why?

Success is nothing more than a few simple disciplines practiced every day – Jim Rohn  

I like this quote because it is a reminder that just by doing simple things every single day you can change the whole outlook of your future.  

When you do things every day that improve your life and your business you can look back years in the future and know that you have accomplished something and it wasn’t as bad as you thought it was going to be.

This is incredible, Gurpreet! A lot of value here that I am sure our readers can find useful.