How To Increase Your Website Ad Revenue With Contextual Advertisements

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This year has reshaped almost every industry and hence every content vertical. As we find our way forward for this year, one thing is clear – there will be more consumer activism, and a greater push for transparency and data protection all over the world. Cookies and user data was the core of how advertisers found users on our websites and as the person connecting the two, us content creators and publishers generate revenue.

In A New World Of Minimal Or No User Data, Where Will This Revenue Go?

A thought on delivering the ‘right ads’ in the privacy era All this user data and all the cookies are really needed so as publishers we can show ads on which audiences end up clicking. In my opinion, the equation is simple, the more relevant the ad, the more likely the user is to click on it. All that a ‘right ad’ really is, is a relevant ad. One of the most powerful markers of relevance in this sense is the content the user is reading right when the ad is shown. This content is the context of the ad that is shown to the user. So you can take away all the user data and the cookies that have traditionally been used to target the ‘right ads’ to the ‘right users’ and you still have the content, the user and the context. Put these three together and you have contextual ads.

Where Do I Get Contextual Ads For My Content?

Contextual technology has been around for a while but companies like have invested in the idea that privacy is important. This is one of the biggest reasons I have taken the time to write about them. I’m impressed with the fact that they have built a powerful contextual ads program with the decade long experience of serving publishers of various sizes.

How Will These Contextual Ads Work On My Website?

As seen on their website, offers a wide range of ad units ranging from Mobile Docked Unit, Interstitial (Welcome and Exit), to Native in-article ads, and many more sizes that can actually be customized to your style, layout, preference. What I like most about their contextual ads is that they work on a simple premise, relevant ads need to be native. With these contextual ads native is not an added function but an in-built feature of the contextual ads program. All of these ads blend into your website design and give you the perfect mix of user experience and ad revenue.

When you display one or more of these ads,’s systems analyses the key contents of your pages website and optimizes its understanding of your content over time. This usually takes a span of 2 weeks when you first deploy the ad tag. If you’d rather focus on your content and leave the revenue to a technology partner, you want in your corner. If you prefer to get into the weeds with ad-tech and have a set up of multiple ad partners, ad tags also work great with other ad networks. As an addition to your revenue mix, the exclusive search advertising demand of $6 billion from Yahoo! Bing Network, the contextual technology and the native ads complement your overall ad mix and can bring incremental revenue far greater than before.

Last Word On Increasing Ad Revenue With Contextual Ads

Contextual ads are the perfect revenue solution for an era where you cannot spend hours and thousands of dollars building technology and legal compliance to ever changing laws. With their proprietary technology, a long history of success, and easy-to-use platform, could be your perfect center around which to build your revenue for this year. Get a peek into how it works and sign up to see the results on your site on