How To Have Tenacity Like Andy Dufresne In Business

Having Tenacity like Andy Dufresne in Network Marketing

Having Tenacity like Andy Dufresne in Network Marketing

Network marketing can be real hard, almost like doing time at Shawshank prison. Find out about Having Tenacity like Andy Dufresne in Network Marketing.

If you haven’t seen the movie, Shawshank Redemption, with Tim Robbins and Morgan Freeman then you should pick it up now.

Some of my readers might know that I am obsessed with the movie and I use the movie all the time as an analogy for the hardships of network marketing.

I wrote about Shawshank before, and more about the Movie here.

Andy Dufresne, played by Tim Robbins, is sent to prison, Shawshank prison, for being accused of murdering his adulterous wife.

Inside Shawshank he meets “Red” played by Morgan Freeman. They team together in a fascinating and heart-felt way.

I literally have the DVD case by my bedside so I can look at Andy and Red when things get tough for me inside my own network marketing Shawshank.

shawshank cover

Call it crazy, but these guys seem almost real to me and every morning I wake up, I say “good morning Red, morning Andy.” Just like one of the characters says in the movie.

Hey, if people can role play and wear crazy costumes and sword fight in the woods with foam swords, I can believe I am at Shawshank!

Why do I do this and why should you care?

Obviously, I have struggled myself just like a lot of network marketers are.

I have bad days and weeks and sometimes months. . .

I remember a few famous network marketers who said they went a couple months without one single new rep, but they kept going. . .

Shawshank keeps me going because Andy suffered a lot at Shawshank before he became big. . .

There’s a lot of similarities of the movie with network marketing, such as:

  1. Andy was raped the first two years inside Shawshank. No, you don’t get raped in network marketing, but the first two years are definitely the hardest and quite painful for many. MLM can even be a little bit of a traumatic experience early on if you are really struggling and making very little money, or living paycheck to paycheck.
  2. Andy wanted a better life inside prison and wanted to renovate the prison library. He was an intelligent lawyer on the outside, now he was channeling that intelligence on the inside.
  3. He wrote a letter once a week to the State for more funds for books and materials. That’s his tenacity in action. I blog every day and knowing that Andy wrote one letter for six years without any results keeps me going. (Yes, I know the movie is fictional but there are stories like this all around in real life!)
  4. Andy eventually learned the system at Shawshank and manipulated it. You do this in network marketing by finding a marketing system that works for you.
  5. Andy did something every night that would eventually free him and is the ultimate form of tenacity. (I won’t say exactly because that would ruin the movie for some of you.)
Little actions over time lead to big results.

The little thing that Andy did every night, he did it consistently for 19 years!

Think of what you can do in network marketing if you had the same tenacity.

I am sure if you wanted it bad enough you could find an hour in the morning and an hour at night to grow your MLM business.

What is your routine now?
Are you happy with your results?

I kept failing at things left and right, and one of the reasons was I always quit too early.

You see it all the time in network marketing. In fact, 95% quit within the first year.


The results weren’t fast enough. Their MLM check did not reflect the amount of effort they put into their business.

Because. . .

Being a successful Entrepreneur feels a lot different than working for a paycheck. . .

An Entrepreneur struggles in the beginning. . .

But, you always get a paycheck at your job.

An Entrepreneur finds what works and scales up. He or she sees a little money, but they are still struggling.

But, you always get a paycheck at your job.

An Entrepreneur starts seeing momentum and success, but there were many blood, sweat, and tears to see it.

But, you always get a paycheck at your job.

An Entrepreneur starts receiving more money than he or she knows what to do with and expands business and makes even more money.

They begin travelling the world and getting bigger in life and in business.

But, you always get a paycheck.

But the paycheck will barely pay your rent when you are 70.

And you will be sick from the foodbank food.

And you won’t have anything left to travel with. . .

This is a fact.

Most people can’t retire or barely retire and have less than $50,000 in savings or no savings at all.

That is why it is time for Shawshank tenacity NOW!!

No other industry is going to pay you $20,000 a month without a serious education or talent.

If you are reading this I am sure you are not in the NBA or hanging out with the Kardashians. . .

This is the cold true reality in the world of multi-level marketing.

But, you have the ability and realistic chance of earning celebrity income in MLM. . .

The highest paid distributor in MLM right now is earning $4 million a month. The second highest paid distributor is making $1.2 million a month.

These are normal people like you and I that had no special training or celebrity. . .

They had tenacity!

I don’t know about you, but I’m putting in my time, daily, into my network marketing biz. . .

To me, it is the only way out of our Shawshank reality. . .

I am not waiting until I’m 60 to realize I wasted most of my life and I am still making under $15 an hour at a job. . .

And, I can barely get out of bed because my body is too old to being doing a job twenty year olds do.

I am not playing anymore. . .

And, you shouldn’t either!

If you love your job then that is great.

You can be entertained or bored by this post and move on.

But, many people reading this are struggling.

They want answers fast.

MLM isn’t fast, but it is truly a better way than your situation.

tenacity MLM


You are reading this because you want network marketing to work. Believe me, I have thrown everything in the fire for my MLM.

Decide what you want to achieve in the next year. Write it down on paper. Be realistic.

If you want to be earning a $1,000 a month in network marketing write that down.

What steps do you need to take to be making $1,000 a month within a year in MLM?

What will you have to change in your life to make this?

The first thing I reduced in my life was listening to music and watching more training videos.

I spent money on my training.

It is important to spend money on your training because it will signal your subconscious mind that you are serious.

I spent $69 on my first product.

I spent $215 on my next product.

It doesn’t matter what those products were, what matters is I took my business way more seriously when I began investing hard earned cash into it.

You aren’t just investing in a product. You are investing in yourself.

Successful leaders are voracious readers. Their ego doesn’t get in the way of them acquiring more information.

No one can ever know too much information.

The more you invest in yourself, the more people will invest in you.

This is a fact. . .

Wouldn’t you want to join a person who you trusted in knowing that they knew how to help you?

People who have knowledge are followed. . .

Tons of people need direction.

Be the person that people want to follow. . .

And, your business will explode.

I promise.

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P.S. Now is the time to start your home-based business. Get going and growing!