Why Home Offices And Gardens Are Now Must Haves

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When you are trying to sell your house or flat, you want to promote your property’s best features that help to enhance its attractiveness to buyers and increase its sale value. Many buyers these days now prioritize home offices and gardens as the “must have” features they are looking for in houses.

But simply having a home office or a garden at your property isn’t a guarantee of finding a buyer. You will also have to ensure that you keep either or both of those features in great condition, because that will help to make them even more appealing to property buyers.

Having A Home Office Can Be A Great Addition To Boost Your Property’s Value

Some homes have long had offices where people can work remotely, but home offices are becoming even more popular in response to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Many people have had their regular work routines disrupted since restrictions and social distancing began years ago. They have had to put up with converting dining rooms or other spaces to temporary offices, but this can quickly make a home feel cramped. A large number of workers are therefore looking for houses or flats that have dedicated home offices, because this gives them a space where they can do their work remotely.

And the increasing demand for properties with home offices is causing an uptick in the UK property market, with one homebuilding company reporting a huge jump in revenue as a result of more and more people wanting to buy and move to such a property. Demand for increased space at home thanks to the pandemic is perhaps the leading reason why a home office tops many peoples’ list of “must have” features in a property.

If your house has a home office, when you are ready to sell you should tidy it up and remove any clutter so that the room looks as large as possible to potential buyers that might come to see the property on a viewing. If they visit and the home office is piled high with papers and junk and too much furniture, it will make the room appear smaller and less valuable to them.

For those homeowners that don’t currently have a dedicated home office but would like to add one before listing their property for sale, think about converting current space. Perhaps you have a guest bedroom that is rarely used; this could easily be turned into a home office by removing the bed and other furniture and replacing it with a desk, chair, and other office furniture. You will have to spend money on buying such items if you don’t already owe them, but the potential boost to your home’s value with having an office should be worth the investment.

Many Home Buyers Like Gardens, So Make Sure Yours Looks As Good As Possible

Another “must have” feature that you’ll find many prospective homeowners looking for is a garden, regardless of whether it is a house or a flat in a building that shares a garden with other residents. Gardens are popular because they can provide great enjoyment to owners who might use them for relaxation, gardening and landscaping, and other activities.

As described above, the coronavirus pandemic is leading more and more people to seek gardens because it offers them a safe space to enjoy the outdoors. Many homeowners are currently using their gardens to do some types of exercise including yoga, rather than risking being out in public where they might be exposed to the virus.

Indeed, ldn-properties.co.uk have observed that having a garden might increase the value of your house anywhere from between 5-10%, making this feature a lucrative addition if you are trying to sell your property.

But it is vital that you keep your garden looking in perfect condition when you are ready to try finding a buyer. First appearances truly count when you are selling your home, and the garden will be among the initial exterior features that a visiting potential buyer will see. If the garden is overgrown with weeds or otherwise looks an eyesore, it will appear to be less valuable.

For those gardens that have overgrowth, take some time to mow the lawn, cut out weeds, and take other steps to keep it looking neat and a valuable part of the overall property.

If you have children and they have swings and other play equipment in the garden, consider removing and storing these during the time when you host viewings for people who might be interested in buying your house. These items can make a garden appear smaller and obscure exactly how much valuable space the feature brings to your property.

Even if you live in a flat and there is a shared garden with other residents, you can make some effort to keep the garden tidy by mowing the lawn and removing weeds. But check with the landlord that owns the building first and read your tenancy agreement first, because there might be certain restrictions about what you can do to the garden. For example, your tenancy agreement might specify that it is the landlord’s duty to keep the garden well maintained.

Buyers that come to visit your house or flat on viewings will be looking at the quality of the materials used in and around your garden, including whether there is strong and secure fencing or walls. If you are responsible for purchasing and installing such items, don’t skimp on costs when purchasing such items because they will help to drive the value of your home higher. Small investments will pay large dividends after a successful property closing.

You Will Be Rewarded With A Better Sale Price By Looking After Your Home Office Or Garden

If your house or flat has a garden, or home office, or both features, you will be rewarded for keeping them in excellent condition with an improved overall sale price for your property. That means you will be able to maximize your profit by enticing buyers looking for those “must have” features of their new house.