How CBD Dog Treats Can Keep Your Dog Young And Healthy

There is a miraculous, herbal substance which many dog owners are turning to for all sorts of different reasons: cannabis in the form of CBD (cannabidiol). Like with medical marijuana for humans, these cannabis products like pet treats and liquid drops aren’t made so you can get your dog high, but rather for its impressive health-boosting properties.

There have been a lot of legal changes surrounding cannabinoids and cannabis products in recent years and in certain states. Although cannabis and its related products split opinion and have been the cause of a lot of debate, people are generally accepting many of the brilliant properties that cannabis-derived products offer.

In dog products specifically, the cannabis being used for CBD oil products is derived naturally from hemp. It is not the same as marijuana and no, your dog won’t be experiencing any high as a result. Instead it is proving to be an effective treatment for many ailments such as anxiety, joint inflammation, or cushings in dogs to help keep your canine healthier overall.

Hemp was unfortunately assumed to be a negative thing for a long time due to its association with products that could cause a buzz or a high. Nowadays, people are much more understanding of its benefits and hemp can be found in everything from cosmetics to protein drinks for humans! So, what are the benefits of cannabidiol for pets and specifically dogs?

CBD Dog Treats

Before anyone goes telling you that this is an old wives tale or claiming that there is no science behind it, we want to make sure all pet owners know that these claims are totally wrong. There is science to back up the benefits of CBD oil for dogs.

The effects work in the same way they would for humans. Chemicals in cannabis include CBD, terpenoids, and cannabinoids and within mammals’ brains, there are areas that respond to these chemicals.

Linked to the nervous system and related organs, the system has a huge amount of impact on a dog’s health and has effects on everything from pain, skin health, anxiety, muscular problems, seizures, and neurological issues. There can be no denying that cannabis can have a positive effect!

What does a dog love more than a treat? A treat containing cannabis, of course! The truth is that your dog won’t notice a difference when they are eating the treat but they will soon feel the effects.

The market for cannabis dog treats is growing and you can find something to suit your dog’s preferences, there is everything from CBD soft chews to biscuits to bacon-themed treats. Not all canine CBD oil treats are created equal though. Luckily there are a number of reviews to help you find the best CBD dog treats for your beloved pet’s health and happiness.

Another option for giving treats to your dog is to make them yourself. There are recipes out there that you can follow, but if you do plan to make your own treats containing CBD, be sure to buy CBD oil (and not THC products) that is both high quality and made specifically for dogs.

Additionally, only use the recommended dosage for your dog which will be based on the size and weight of your pooch. Making your own treats is a good way to make sure the supplements and ingredients you know are good for your dog go into their treats, but with the growing number of treats available, it is not always necessary.

Specific Benefits of Cannabis Dog Treats

CBD dog treats are popular for relieving chronic pain caused by joint issues such as arthritis. Arthritis is a huge problem among dogs and is naturally worsened with age, something that all lovers of animals dread.

Unfortunately, there are many other degenerative diseases that can cause dogs a huge amount of discomfort. Luckily, CBD dog treats can help with pain relief.

As well as help your dog cope with the pain in a mental capacity by easing stress and anxiety. It can also prevent inflammation and aid the healing process or help to stop the problems at source. Many people have reported that using small amounts of CBD oil or treats daily help to prevent problems from flaring up.

Reducing and relieving seizures. Sadly, some dogs suffer from regular seizures. In the same way that CBD oil has been a popular choice for humans suffering from this plight in recent years, pet owners are turning to cannabis treats to help with dog seizures.

CBD has been reported to aid in the management of epileptic seizures or other causes, and can even reduce the chances of your dog suffering from seizures over time, helping to keep your dog’s health in good shape even as they approach their later years.

Your dog’s coat. Not the most important aspect of their health, but a wonderful solution if your dog starts to develop issues with their coat. Cannabis treats have been known to keep your dog’s coat young and in top condition. CBD can also help soothe allergies which have an adverse effect on the skin and coat.

Neurological and mental issues. The effects of CBD on your dog’s brain can have a truly amazing impact, too. People have turned to cannabinoid products to help with things such as aggressive behavior as well as depression and anxiety.

Anxiety can cause behavior in your dog which leads to physical issues as well and has a negative impact on their lifespan and quality of life. Dogs can become twitchy, nervous, and even fidgety, as well as scratch and bite as a result of being anxious, and the option to treat this with CBD oil and treats has been nothing short of revolutionary for some people, with numerous case studies showing a huge impact on behavior once they turn to cannabis dog treats.

Safety First

Now, it is important to say, at this point, cannabis treats tend to have no side effects. Although in itself, CBD is not a harmful product, there is no telling exactly the impact it will have on your dog.

And, just like if you made any other change to your dog’s diet, it is worth keeping an eye on your pup for any changes in behavior or different symptoms.

For similar reasons, it is worth starting with a low dose and then gradually increasing to see what level is right for your dog. There is very little risk involved but if you should see any changes, get your dog straight to the vet as it is better to be safe.

Cannabis Dog Treats Conclusion

It is easy to see why so many people are talking about CBD and cannabis-related dog treats as a miracle cure. Although there is no miracle happening, it can seem that way with the truly impressive effects on your dog. Every dog is different, of course, but the huge number of people reporting benefits to CBD Oil cannabis treats means that it is probably worth a shot for your own precious pooches!