How Does VoIP Work?

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The conversation of cutting costs has been a rampant one in the business community lately due to COVID-related economic downturns. During those talks, VoIP phone systems have stepped into the spotlight.

For those of you that are unaware of what VoIP is, it’s a type of phone, much like traditional landlines, that is powered by the internet as opposed to copper telephone wires. VoIP stands for voice over internet protocol.

Our post dives into the ever-popular question, “How does VoIP work?” Our hope is that by understanding a little bit more about how to get VoIP operational in your business, you’ll consider trying it out.

It All Starts With a Receiver

Like any phone, VoIP requires you to have a receiver to make and get calls. The beauty here is in the options VoIP gives you as to what your receiver can look like. You could go with a classic phone receiver that resembles a standard office line. Alternatively, you could use your cellphone paired with a special application to receive your VoIP calls.

Whatever your preferences/needs are, great VoIP calls require a receiver with internet access.

Service Is Provided Through a Company of Your Choosing

Unfortunately, VoIP does require you to get hooked up with a service provider, much like you’d need to do with a traditional phone line. After all, you need a company’s servers to host calls and technology to encode and decode voice signals, which requires experience, time, and money.

The good news is that VoIP services cost less than traditional phone services. They also don’t require advanced installs, which would require a technician to come to your home.

Simply connect your receiver to the internet, find and subscribe to a VoIP provider, and have them help you associate your receiver with their service. Once that process is complete, you’ll be able to dial out like you would with a regular phone.

Internet Technology Enables Advanced Features

Your how does VoIP work questions have been answered, and you’re now making calls through the internet. Good on you! Not only are you saving money, but you’re giving yourself access to a host of advantages that come with leveraging modern technology to facilitate calls.

For example, calls over VoIP can be recorded by your service provider, at your direction, so you can listen back on them for training purposes. All calls are also logged, which can help you create profiles on contacts for sales purposes.

Those two features barely scratch the surface of everything you can get out of a VoIP phone system, so be sure to talk to your service provider about what else they offer that may make your life easier.

How Does VoIP Work? Seamlessly, Affordably and Better Than Your Landline!

People curious about VoIP technology are always asking us, “How does VoIP work?” You read the long answer by getting through this post. The short answer though, is that VoIP works seamlessly, affordably, and better than your landline.

We hope that the truth inspires you to give VoIP a whirl and welcome you to check out more of the newest content on our blog. Visit the Tech section of the Everything Entrepreneur Blog right now!