How To Market Your MLM Successfully And Avoid Errors

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To be successful in anything usually requires at least some trial and error. Unless you are smart and learn from the people that have gone before you, that is. Luckily, I am here to tell you all about precisely what not to with marketing do if you want to be a rip-roaring success, so learn from the mistakes and the alternatives below.

Don’t worry about what your demographic is and what they want.

If you are looking to make a royal mess of your MLM marketing then, you can do no better than ignoring your target demographic. Of course, if you would rather succeed and live your dream life right now without being stuck in a soul-crushing job, then you may want to take the advice below.

First off, familiarize yourself with the term demographic and that it refers to a particular group of society, and then consider carefully which groups your products will appeal too. It is this specific groups or sometimes groups that you are going to match your marketing with for it to be effective.

Of course, for the most part, MLM reps have this easier than most because your parent company should be able to give you good info on the type of people that will most benefit from what you are selling.

For example, if you are selling a health and wellness item, it may be partially useful for alleviating certain conditions, losing weight, or improving energy, so you would look to find people with those needs to inform about your product.

Now, it is essential that you identify the correct demographic for your product, because not only will have a much better chance of selling to that market, but it will also help you to pick the right methods of marketing as well.

For example, products that are primarily targeted at the female 40-50 markets may do better on Facebook, and by email than Instagram or YouTube. The latter having a more significant following from the younger generations.

Don’t use more than one platform to maximize your returns.

If you want your MLM to go down the drain, as fast as you dreams can carry it then feel free to stick to just one digital and social media platform. However, if you are looking to make a legitimate income, you need to be open to diversifying the platforms that you use.

Yes, you do need to match the demographic to the platform as you can read about above, but the point here is that if you are only seeking a single demographic and targeting them, you are probably missing out on a lot of businesses.

Although, do remember it is not about being general and placing the same thing on blogs and social media and in videos. It is about knowing your audience and producing something specific for them for each group, across a range of platform. Then you will be able to maximize your income and make your MLM a real success.

Don’t change up your content regularly.

no emojis in marketing

Too many emojis can put potential customers off immediately. It can make you seem ridiculous and immature, which won’t help you with network marketing or direct selling success.

A major mistake that many MLM uses is that they get stuck in a single form of content and even style. Sadly, that means their customers and potential customers can quickly get bored and can stop responding to their online messages.

To that end, it can be super helpful to mix thing up as much as possible. Not only with the words, you use, but also the way you format things, and the images you choose as well.

For example, it has become something of a cliché for MLM sellers to overuse emojis in the social media posts, as well as use highly filtered pictures with inspirational type messages typed across, them.

Therefore, if you are going to continue to draw in a new audience for your product and build you sale figures you will need to go about things in an entirely new way, that still grabs your audience’s attention.

This is exactly the type of content to avoid in MLM an affiliate marketing.

Of course, that new way of doing things isn’t always the easiest thing to come up with. However, you will be pleased to note that there are digital marketing professional out there like Vine Digital that can help you with everything from content marketing, to paid advertising and more besides. Something that could very well give your business the edge when it comes to consistently making those targets.

Don’t worry about independent testimonials.

If you just don’t care how your MLM business does then, by all means, feel free not to pursue or make a big deal about independent and objective testimonials. After all, they are only trustworthy evidence of happy customers, pleased with the products and service you have provided them.

However, if you plan to jack the day job in and live solely off of the profits you MLM generates then testimonial may be worth a second look.

The reason for this is that although we all do it regularly now, buying online is a very different process than buying something that we have seen demonstrated or held in our hands before we part with our money. In fact, we just don’t get any of the reassurances we would if we were to go to a shop or a physical MLM demonstration.

This is vital to realize because it leaves a vacuum in the customer’s’ experience, a gap that can, if you are not careful cause the loss of a sale. Happily, this is where testimonial come in, and the more trustworthy they are, the better.

What this means is that you copying and pasting a testimonial on social media doesn’t look half as good as one that is written and displayed on an independent and trusted website. To that end, it is a fantastic idea to offer little incentives and rewards to happy customers for leaving these and then letting you know.

Then you can link them in with your other marketing material, and this should make convincing those that are still on the fence about your product that little bit easier. Something that can help you hit your monthly target and make your MLM a successful and viable business.