How To Respond If You Are Hit By A Drunk Driver

what to do if hit by drunk driver

Drunk driving is illegal in all states as it normally leads to impaired judgment by the driver. It is one of the leading causes of road accidents in several states. For instance, in early 2024, about 4,820 people were charged with DUI in Alameda County, California. The law will be involved if you are in a drunk-driving accident. Below are nine tips to guide you if a drunk driver hits you in 2024.

9 Steps To Take If You Are Hit By A Drunk Driver

1. Remain Calm

Getting hit by a car is a scary and at times, life-changing experience that may bring several inconveniences, among them being court proceedings. However, it is crucial to remain calm and assess your situation so you can make an informed decision on what to do next.

2. Access Your Situation

Before anything else, check to see if everyone in the car is okay. Also, if possible, do all you can to de-escalate the situation. Next, stop your car at the accident scene and notify emergency services should you, other passengers, or the drunk driver require emergency assistance. Establish exactly where you are so you can direct the emergency services there.

3. Monitor The Driver

Monitor the other driver while waiting for help to arrive. Watch them and note any signs of intoxication, proving he broke the law by driving while drunk. Slurred speech, bloodshot eyes, and repeated words are some straight giveaways. Maintain a safe distance, though, in case they get aggressive.

4. Accept Medical Help

Once help arrives, remember your health is of the uttermost importance, so accept medical help from first responders. You can also go to the nearest medical center for further checkups. In a situation like this, adrenaline could be masking more serious injuries. File your medical records as evidence of your injuries from the accident. They will come in handy once you file for compensation.

5. Collect Relevant Information

To prove your case in court so you can claim compensation, you will need to present evidence to the relevant parties. The most crucial information, in this case, is the other driver’s details, which should include their cell phone number, license and car registration numbers, and insurance information.

6. Take Photos

Take photos of your car, the other driver’s vehicle, the intersection or place where the collision occurred, and any additional injuries or damages that may have occurred. You can take photos of any injuries you have suffered as well, and videos of the accident scene your lawyer can use to press for compensation.

7. Contact Your Insurer

Contact your insurer as soon as possible to report the accident. To claim health insurance, provide them with information concerning the car damage and your medical bill. Maintain a record of all associated expenses, such as medical bills and car repair receipts.

8. Get Legal Help

The accident is not your fault, as established by the responding officers. You can now pursue compensation. To do so, hire a personal injury attorney to help you file for compensation and other damages. Don’t take too long hiring a lawyer and pressing for compensation to avoid being locked out by the statute of limitations, which, according to NOLO, is three (3) years from the date of the accident. It does however differ from state to state.

9. Take Your Car To The Auto-Repair Shop

Repairing your car after an accident is quite costly, so having insurance and claiming compensation is crucial. There are a wide range of independent auto repair shops close by. According to auto-repair statistics, independent auto repair shops perform 75% of aftermarket auto repair.

The Bottom Line

Drunk driving is dangerous. If you get hit by a drunk driver, report the matter to the police immediately. However, your first responsibility is to ensure you and other passengers, including the at-fault driver, are safe.

Document everything, from the accident scene to medical receipts, to strengthen your compensation claim later. You will need to contact an attorney to guide you in filing for vehicle crash compensation. Give them all your evidence against the other party so they can present a strong legal case should you end up in court.