How Structured Cabling Can Benefit Your London Business

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No matter what resides within its interior, most modern buildings can thank the intricate series of wires and structured cabling hidden behind its walls for every string of communication that occurs within the facility. Even if you never see so much as a wire, data cabling is the lifeblood of most business operations in London, and even some residential sites.

From transferring data across systems to allowing colleagues to communicate via tools like Skype and Zoom, structured cabling is nothing less than vital for the modern business. Without an efficient cabling network, operations could come to a screeching halt.

As with most essential tools, network cabling can prove to be a challenge. So, in this article, we’ll be going over some of its key features to help you understand how it can improve your business’s productivity and output.

What Are The Subsystems?

Structured cabling throughout your workplace essentially makes up the backbone of your network infrastructure that interconnect all IP devices, while ultimately working together to make one intelligent, effective operation. This type of configuration isn’t only beneficial by remaining consistent, but also provides the opportunity for additional upgrades and expansions — essentially making it future proof.

The six major subsystems of structured cabling systems include:

• Entrance facilities this is where the connections come into the building, such as the internet connection and telephone lines.

• Comms rooms that hold wiring equipment and consolidation sites, usually with cool temperature regulations and restricted access.

• Backbone cabling that connects entrance facilities to equipment rooms.

• Horizontal cabling to join workspaces and network port outlets back to telecommunications rooms.

• Telecommunications rooms affix horizontal cabling and backbone cabling to each other.

• Workspace components incorporate end-user equipment into the network through individual outlets.

Not All Cabling Is Built The Same

Much like businesses, data cabling for london businesses can come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. Its structure relies on each facility’s specific design limitations, which can pose a unique set of challenges for every cabling project. By pairing with a cabling expert, your business can ensure the process runs smoothly and efficiently. After all, this is a decision that could impact the future of your business forever.

How Your Business Can Benefit From Structured Cabling

For one, bringing in a certified partner to help you install your structured cabling ensures your documentation remains consistent, uniform and easy to understand. Not only will this allow future upgrades to be implemented with improved ease, but it also encourages simplicity across the rest of your IT infrastructure.

As such, a uniform network cabling system promotes productivity across your entire business. Downtime will become a worry of the past with reliable wireless connectivity, allowing employees to complete tasks without fear of a downed network or slow response times. If something fails and an outage occurs, professionally installed network cabling makes it easy for an IT department to diagnose the problem and quickly decide on a solution.

Your Business Needs Structured Cabling To Survive The Future

Ever since the technological boom of the late 2000s, businesses near and far are faced with a new reality when it comes to continuing their operations: meet the unique requirements of digital tools and online resources, or be lost to the past forever. While it may seem like technology is still primarily used only for recreational or personal purposes, it has a clear stake in the market’s fate five, 10, or even 30 years ahead.

Whether your business is a local operation or a prominent tech startup in London, data cabling is the best method to ensure your workforce can survive the market’s ever-changing requirements. From collecting large amounts of user data to making inventory tracking a hassle-free and efficient process, there is no limit to network cabling possibilities.


Even if you feel as if your business is not large enough to incorporate structured cabling installations, the evidence points in the same direction: it is a tool worth the investment. No matter your goals, network cabling can provide all the steps necessary to reach those objectives — and fly past them. In the years to come, you’ll be glad that you took the plunge, and secure in the knowledge that your business is ready for whatever comes next.