How To Advertise Your Business Successfully

how to advertise your business successfully

You put so much work into your company, and now you need to bring in customers or clients. To do so, people must know about your business, where it is located, and how it can serve them. Luckily, there are several ways entrepreneurs can advertise their company properly and on a budget. Here are 7 top ways to advertise a new business effectively.

7 Tips To Advertise A Business Successfully

1. Have An Optimized Website

Everyone has a website these days, so your business has a lot of competition. That is why you should have a professional designer create an attractive website to promote your service. Your site should remain optimized and up-to-date so users don’t have to wait forever for it to upload. According to Website Builder Expert, 20% of users abandon a website that takes more than four seconds to load. Make it easier to engage potential clients by including a blog section on your webpage.

2. Promote Your Social Media Handles

Regardless of how great your main website is, your company should have as many relevant social media profiles as possible. Include those handles on your website and in your boilerplate on emails. When you create flyers, business cards, and banners, create space for your social media contact information as well. Don’t let your social media profiles become stale. Keep followers engaged by posting content regularly. Expand to multiple social media platforms to maximize your marketing when applicable.

3. Encourage User Generated Content

When customers post about their experiences at a business on social media, it helps spread the word to their followers. You ask customers to write a review about your business on specific websites. Encourage them to use your social media hashtags when creating commentary videos or posting photos. When you see such content pop up, make sure you leave comments to further engage people.

4. Advertise At Well Known Locations

Are you aware of special landmarks or popular hangout spots in your city? If not, do some research and use those locations for events, hand out business cards, or leave behind flyers. For example, if you live in Portland, OR, you can take advantage of record-breaking Mills End Park, located near the Willamette River downtown. It is listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the smallest park in the world, with a total area of 0.29 square meters. A local landmark listed in the Guinness Book of Records is a great place for your business event, like a giveaway or summer party. You can have some amazing social media posts from such events.

5. Install And Maintain Custom Signs

Don’t underestimate the power of traditional signage. Over 50% of customers who enter a business are attracted by the signage outside. Unlike other forms of advertising, you pay for it once but have ongoing advertising as long as you have the signage up somewhere.

6. Pay For Online Advertising

Make use of the Google Ad program on your website. There are over 1.3 million businesses, online publishers, and nonprofits nationwide seeing success from using Google’s advertising solutions. You can also place video ads on YouTube and podcasts.

7. Build Partnerships

Finding another business to build a strategic partnership with can introduce your company to a brand new audience. One of the most successful examples of such a partnership is when Betty Crocker started using Hershey’s chocolate in their products. Then there is the partnership between Apple Computers and Mastercard. Mastercard was the first credit card that integrated with the Apple Pay system.

Advantageous Advertising, Better Branding, And Masterful Marketing

You don’t want all the effort you have made to build a business to go to waste. How can people visit your business online or in person if they don’t know it exists? That is why you should take advantage of as many ways as possible to advertise your services and products. The more you advertise, the more you can see the fruits of your labor.