How to be Productive on Your Mac Without Spending More

how to be more productive with mac computer macbook efficiency

Just like most Mac users, you might be yearning for improved productivity without having to spend extra money. Yes, scaling productive with your Mac doesn’t necessarily mean you need to chuck out lots of cash. If you are on a tight budget but looking to scale up your productivity on Mac, then we have some tips for you.

1. Use Shortcuts

Grasping Mac keyboard shortcuts can tremendously boost your productivity. It will save you the time wasted in taking a long route as you use your device. So, get a list of Mac shortcuts and start using them. A bit of practice and you will have them at your fingertips. Well, Mac also lets you customize shortcuts. Go to the “Apple” menu, select “System Preferences”, and click on the “Keyboard” option. Check on the “Shortcuts” tab and edit keyboard combinations as per your need.

2. Stack Desktop Icons

Many Mac users prefer using the desktop to throw shortcuts, files, and folders. However, pilling them up will make it look clumsy, and it is one of the habits to avoid if you are to keep your files organized. You can use Stacks to bring order to your desktop by grouping them categorically. To set Stacks, just click on a blank section on your desktop. Open the “View” menu and select the “Use Stacks” option. Again choose “View” followed by the “Group Stacks By” option and choose the way you want to organize your files effectively.

3. Manage your Disk Space

Optimizing your Mac memory is very crucial for the healthy running of your Mac system. Remember, if your Mac’s hard drive is 90% full or more, it will slow down and thus pull down your productivity. Of course, speed is an invaluable element in the productivity matrix, and you want a machine that will keep you working like a well-oiled machine! If your computer is becoming slow, check whether the hard drive still has sufficient space. If it is filling up, try to free up by deleting unnecessary junk files. One other common cause of insufficient hard disk space is accumulated cache. Yes, the cache is good and is akin to shortcuts for your browser or other applications in your Mac. However, they easily pile up and eat a large portion of the hard drive. The best solution is to clear cache on Mac regularly to avoid bloating up your system. You can use a cleaner app to help you handle this aspect of memory management. Don’t let your disk space fill up and lead to other issues that will hurt your work productivity.

4. Use Text Replacements

For commonly typed phrases or texts such as addresses, there is no need to tire your fingers typing them on your keyboard. You can set the Text replacement feature so that you can simply type a shortcut and Mac automatically brings the whole text for you. To set this feature, go to the “Apple” menu and select “System Preferences”>Keyboard>Text. You will see some examples there with an option to add yours.

5. Save Searches

Saving your searches on Mac will save you the time of running searches from zero by letting you save searches in Smart Folders. Just search normally on Finder and click the “+” button to add the desired search criteria. Hit “Save” and give your Smart Folder a suitable name so that you can easily access it on the sidebar the next time you need it.

Wrap Up On Mac Productivity

As you might have noticed, your Mac has lots of inexpensive and easy ways to help you work better. Put them to action and blend them with Macbook productivity habits that will help you improve your work.