5 Tips to Become a Well-Known Independent Musician

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Do you have a dream of becoming a professional musician and touring the country (or at least the state) to perform? 

You’re not alone. For many people, performing and getting some local or global fame is a dream job. But how can you make it happen? 

Not everyone is destined for a career in music, but there are a few ways that you can increase your chances and work your way up the ladder as an independent musician.

Keep reading for our tips for reaching musical success. 

1. Networking With Musicians Is Key

No one is truly self-made, and that means that you’re going to need the help of others to get where you want to be. There’s no shame in this, and building a network is a fundamental way to get ahead in any industry. 

Start with finding other local musicians and try to make genuine connections. As you meet new local people, your network will expand to the people that they know, and then the people that that circle knows, and so on. 

You might meet someone who has a cool opportunity to offer or who has fans that would be interested in your work. 

2. Keep Refining Your Music

You want to keep getting better with time. To make it in the music industry, you’re going to need talent. Even if you have a natural aptitude, you’re going to have to keep working on your abilities and style to keep up with the competitive industry and stay relevant to a modern audience’s interests. 

3. Get Some Funding

Being an independent musician isn’t cheap. If you don’t have a comfortable nest-egg or a steady job that you can work while making a name for yourself, you’re going to need to find other ways to get funds for your music career. 

There are artist grants, artist loans, and many other independent musician resources that are available. Some people want a thriving art community, so they support struggling artists. 

4. Support Local Venues

When you start trying to make your way up as an independent musician, playing live shows is crucial.

But how do you get those shows?

You can latch on as an opening act for someone in your network, but what if you’re not at that point yet, or no one has availability? 

Attend local open mics and shows at bars and venues. Start chatting with the staff to see what they’re normally into and make sure that you’re supporting them by buying tickets, drinks, and food.

When someone sees that you’re willing to support them, they’ll be more likely to support you. 

5. Get Online

Many musicians got popular through things like YouTube. While the algorithm seems to be stacked against newbies, if you’re dedicated and do enough social media networking and marketing, people should start to notice you. 

This isn’t going to lead to overnight fame and success unless you’re lucky, but it will get you an audience that isn’t restricted to your hometown. 

You Can Succeed as an Independent Musician!

You don’t need a fancy label or record deal to get your start in music. You can make things happen as an independent musician as long as you’re always honing your craft and making connections with the right people. 

Don’t let your inexperience stand in the way of your musical dreams. Everyone starts somewhere, in music or in any other profession.

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