Boost Employee Morale With Company Swag And Branded Merchandise

how to boost employee morale with company swag branded merch promotional products

When you think of company swag, you may think of the promotional items you hand out at events. Maybe you include them with customer orders as a thank you.

However you use it, it’s big business. The promotional products industry is worth $15 billion.

Yet you can use company swag for more than just outbound promotion. You can also give branded merchandise to your employees for morale increases. It makes your employees proud to display their company branding and become ambassadors of your business.

Wondering how to boost employee morale with company swag? Read on to learn more about improving employee morale with branded merch and the power of promotional products.

Welcome New Employees

Everyone loves receiving gifts, and what better way to start a new job than getting a box of swag! A package of useful goodies is a great way to welcome new employees.

Include a mixture of items to ease those ‘first-day’ nerves. Branded vegan candy is a nice option alongside helpful items like notebooks and pens.

Swag producers like Axomo can help you get creative with these company swag kits.

Mark Special Occasions

Most offices have a worker who always knows all the important dates. Birthdays, anniversaries, cultural holidays: they celebrate all of them. It helps their co-workers feel appreciated and valued.

Why not make the most of that with special themed swag packs for special occasions? It shows workers you remember their key dates, helping them to feel important.

Give Rewards And Awards

People love to be noticed for their hard work so having a reward scheme is a good way to give employees a boost.

Use branded swag for rewards or awards to recognize employee achievements. Don’t just hand out USB drives or pens—try more exciting options.

Think of branded desk plants. Succulents are a good choice since they’re easy to grow and they’re hypoallergenic. Being aware of allergies is a subtle way to show staff you’ve put thought into their reward.

Put Employee Wellbeing First

Some employee swag really shows you care about staff wellbeing. These items help them stay warm or protect themselves.

Think of branded face masks, fleece jackets, or reusable coffee cups. They’re useful items so staff is also more likely to use them outside of office hours. That’s a great branding opportunity for you. You can even hand out company swag for social events. Blankets, water bottles, or food boxes are good for informal get-togethers like picnics or outings.

Create a Team Atmosphere With Company Swag

There’s a reason why people wear the shirts of their favorite sports teams. They want to feel like part of a team!

Use that same principle and give employees branded swag to wear at company events. It’s a great way to make everyone feel like a team.

Send swag to remote workers to help them feel like part of the team too. They’ll see the brand every time they use their mug, USB drive, or notebook.

Which Swag Ideas Will You Try First?

You can see how giving company swag can be a strong way to show employees that you care about them. Whether it’s improving their wellbeing or celebrating their achievements, branded swag products makes a good gift.

Choose items that suit the reason you’re giving it out so it still feels special. Keep allergies or dietary requirements in mind for an extra morale boost.

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