How To Change A Tire On Your Own In 5 Steps

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We have more access to information in the palm of our hands than any other person has ever had in the history of the world, including vehicle DIY guides like changing your own tire.

Despite our tech-savviness, there are skills everyone should learn. Only about 40% of people claim to be completely confident that they know how to change a tire.

Experience tells us people tend to overestimate their abilities anyways. Despite all the technological abilities and roadside services available, knowing how to change a tire on your own comes in handy and could save a life. Read ahead to learn how to start changing tires on your own.

Keep On Trucking

Regardless of how you interpret the data, there are millions of people who don’t how does changing a tire work. 

The tires are a relatively simple part of the car but easily one of the most important. Most drivers will experience multiple flat tires during their lifetimes and it can happen at any time.

How do you change a tire? Maybe you need to review your technique. Here are our 5 tips for changing a tire on your own correctly.

1. Be Vigilant

Hundreds of deaths from accidents are the direct result of tire problems. Taking care of your tires is part of the regular maintenance of any car. You shouldn’t wait for your tires to blow out or go flat before you start thinking about them.

You can ask a mechanic or gas station attendant to check the pressure in your tires. Otherwise, you could ask the borrow the pressure gauge and check it yourself.

The correct PSI for your tires depends on the type of tires, climate, and type of driving you are doing.

2. Safety First

It is possible that one or more tires can blow out while driving, leading to an extremely dangerous situation. Immediately pull over where it is safe to do so.

If anyone may have been injured in the ordeal, call 911 first. Make sure it is safe before getting out of the car to inspect the tires.

Before you even think about jacking the car up, make sure the car is on a level, solid piece of ground. Otherwise, you risk the car falling with you underneath it.

3. Be Prepared

Do you even have a spare tire? Think about it. “How can I change a tire without the proper tools?”

Trust us from our experience. There is nothing worse or more embarrassing than getting a flat and not even knowing if you have a spare or the tools to change it. Also, know what kind of jack you have and how to use it.

Also, you should know where to place the jack under the car. You could seriously damage the car and hurt yourself otherwise.

4. Loosen Lugnuts!

This can’t be stressed enough. Please do not forget to loosen the lug nuts before jacking the car up.

Once the wheel is in the air, it will be next to impossible to loosen a stiff lug nut without the traction. Save yourself the headache of having to do it over.

5. Finish the Job

Changing a tire is actually a piece of cake. You just need the right equipment and a little know-how.

Jack the car up, finish taking off the lug nuts, slide the flat tire off, install the spare, put the nuts on, lower the car, tighten the lug nuts, and you are all set!

Just remember to replace the spare ASAP. Also, keep a commercial tire service in mind to help you in case you need a hand.

How to Change a Tire and More

Anyone can get a flat tire. It is a small price to pay for the convenience and pleasure that cars give us.

Knowing how to change a tire doesn’t require a lot of sacrifices. However, changing a tire comes in handy more often than you might think.