How To Do Online MLM Prospecting

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The Pros & Cons of New Apps and Software for MLM or Direct Selling Prospecting

Network marketing trainers are quick to jump on new apps and then train others to use them. But, there are also The Downside of New Apps for MLM Prospecting.

New apps and social media platforms are great for network marketing prospecting, but there is a problem. Not that many people are actually actively searching for a home-based business are on these apps often.

Yes it is awesome that you want to master these new apps before anyone else does and benefit by attaching your biz op to your training, but you are then prospecting to other “trainers” not to the average prospect.

It becomes a race for just the “MLM trainers” and not for regular prospects.

Also, there is going to be more and more apps that are better than the last as Technology improves. If you spend all your time mastering one app it almost becomes obsolete within a year or two when a new one comes along.

I don’t know about you, but I think this race for the latest app is futile. Instead of diverting your attention to all these new methods, why not choose laser-focus on one reliable platform?

Blogging and video marketing / vlogging are here to stay. . .

I believe that video marketing is ideal for the Extrovert, and blogging is great for the Introvert. If you can do both, even better.

Do you think someone is going to be looking for a new MLM by typing in the hashtag #MLM on Instagram?

Not likely.

Your prized prospects are on Google typing in: “How to Start a Network Marketing Business.”

This is how you find prospects from around the world who are truly looking for a new home-based business.

It is through providing useful content through your words, either blogging or video.

Hanging out and wasting time on Slack or some social media is not going to get you leads, because usually you are on with three other MLM mentors who want Leads as well.

You start to look like four chickens squawking for leads for the camera, but hey, if you are just having fun on Blab then you are all good.

How I got Leads in the Beginning

I was a little late in the giant wave of people who joined Twitter and thought it was the next best thing since peanut butter.

But, when I joined Twitter in 2011, there was still a great chance for ebook authors and affiliate marketers, like myself, to make some good money by tweeting.

However, in late 2015, it seemed Twitter wasn’t so hot anymore. People had moved on until it go hot again in 2023.

I was lucky to get Leads for a few years with Twitter, but now it has changed. I used to get 15 Leads a day with Twitter, now it is like 3 to 5, even though Twitter starting heating back up in recent years.

The thing is. . .

As Technology begins to move faster and hit the exponential growth curve, platforms are going to come and go more quickly. . .

We will either need to adapt fast, or stick with what is proven.

People will always want to read content or watch a video, but these apps are going to fly by you in a matter of months, not years. . .

They will be hot for a few months. . .

Blogging is powerful.

People read up to 5 blog posts a day. There will always be readers. . .

And, I love writing. If you are a blogger you know what I mean.

Blogging is today’s business card.

You can design it with your content, personality, your desires, your rants and your praises. . .

People will know you intimately, so be prepared to expose yourself.

Because the more humble and vulnerable you are online, the more you will find people who love you and hate you. . .

Yes, you will get some haters on your blog or website, it is inevitable.

Haters are just an indicator that you are becoming bigger and you are threatening. Not a bad threatening, a good threatening, because people know that they make excuses instead of being a leader like yourself.

But, Blogging is not a get-rich-quick idea.

It takes a serious commitment and consistency to generate consistent prospects.

Your blog will be a ghost town for the first two years.

You will be writing content that you think is the best, and it probably is, but the search engines keep the brakes on you for at least a year.

They know that 12,000 new blogs start every day and they’re not going to reward you if you only been at it for three months, no matter how good you are.

Blogging takes guts.

It takes knowing what kind of content you want to craft for a long period of time for MLM prospecting.

I have a notebook full of blog titles that I come up with every night as I meditate.

Take the time to brainstorm what you’re going to write about.

Get an accountability partner, someone who will keep you up when you are feeling down.

Luckily, my spouse blogs every day also, and believe me. There have been many times she kept me going with my blog content.

Blogging is one of the best and most consistent forms of direct selling, network marketing, and MLM prospecting out there. Blog more an unleash your MLM prospecting power potential!