How To Drive More Traffic To Your Blog

Blogging can be incredibly lucrative. But at the same time, being a business blogger can also be something that is tough to keep up. Because when your blog content is really working for you, it is exciting.

But then, when your blog traffic is down and you are losing momentum, you can wonder what is it that you are doing wrong. Yet, when you want to make money from your blog, it is just so important for you to be able to keep your traffic coming.

Because the more traffic that you get, the more sales you might be able to get. Or the more awareness you are going to get. However, it is hard to know what is going to drive the traffic for you. So let’s consider what options you have to boost blogging visitors with our 5 blogger tips below.


First of all, you have Google. And this is super important for you to be able to drive traffic. First, you are going to want to make sure that your site is optimized and actually indexed. Without getting your blog posts indexed, you don’t have any chance of ranking on search engines to qualify for organic search traffic.

Here, you can influence this by working on your SEO. Working with keywords and being smart with your content can help. Also making it relevant is important. But not only that, you might want to work with articles for you on Chrome as a new feature too. Then, you also have ads in search which could be another way for you to scoop up some extra traffic.

Guest Posting

Then, another way to boost your SEO, but then also to get traffic too, is to guest post. Because if you can create content to share on others sites, with a link to your blog, you are going to harness their audience too. So come up with sites that you might like to post on, and get in touch with bloggers to see if they will let you guest post.


Next, there as then also the idea of advertising so that you are getting traffic to the site. Sure, Google AdWords is definitely an idea here, but it is not the only thing you can do. You can use display advertising to drive traffic to your site, or you could advertise on other blogs, or in other areas of the internet that your audience would use.


You will probably know that all kinds of social media are great traffic drivers. And we are all going to have the platforms that we prefer the most, and that actually perform best for us. But never underestimate Pinterest here. Because it is great for driving traffic, particularly in the lifestyle sectors. So if you are not on Pinterest, it time to change that.


And finally, you have then also got the option of working with others that can drive traffic to you. And this isn’t just a guest post. But it could be to push your PR so that others are writing about you, without you having to write anything yourself. You could also work with brands so that they are driving traffic to you and pushing awareness. Because the more you work with people, the more opportunities you will have to generate more traffic.