Find Top-Quality Temps for Your Business

how to find top quality temps for business temporary employee hiring

Finding temps for your business can be difficult. Trying to find someone that is qualified, reliable, and affordable can feel like an impossible task. Luckily, there are some easy ways you can go about finding the perfect temp for your business needs. 

Are Temporary Workers Right for You?

A temp agency hires workers that businesses can employ for temporary work assignments. An agency that performs this service may also be called a recruitment or staffing firm. Some of these positions can be for short-term projects, but many agencies have processes where an employer can try employees short-term to see if they might fit a long-term position. 

The flexibility offered by hiring from an agency can provide your business with employees on short notice or for a temp-to-hire position. Temp agencies fill in for employees on leave or as part of projects that do not have a long-term need.

How Does Hiring Temps from an Agency Work?

An employer contracts the staffing firm for one or more positions. The agency recommends potential employees from their roster that may have the skills needed to perform a particular job.  The agency takes care of most of the hiring process for temps and contractors. Even for a short-term position, they screen most candidates for their skills and may go through additional clearances like credit and background checks.

Once the additional worker is on the job, they can fulfill the duties of that position. Your company may elect to hire that employee for a long-term position. You may even choose to end the contract if a project is completed early, or the employee does not have the right skills. 

What Types of Jobs Do Temp Agencies Offer?

A recruitment agency can offer staff for a wide variety of positions. Many of these positions can vary on the amount of time required or the level of skills needed for the position. Often, agencies will accept workers with specific certifications or experience that companies may need. 

These jobs can include:

  • accounting
  • administrative assistants
  • data entry
  • drivers
  • maintenance
  • management consultants
  • IT
  • manufacturing
  • nursing and nursing assistants

Some agencies specialize in a specific type of industry and seek potential candidates with skills for that industry. These types of agencies often concentrate on finding potential candidates who have very specialized skills. This can be good for industries where highly skilled workers are needed for complicated jobs or positions that require certifications. However, they may not serve other needs your business might have. 

What Are the Benefits of Temporary Employees?

Many companies can benefit from the services of temporary workers. Occasionally, your permanent employees may have to be away, such as for maternity leave or sabbatical. Large projects or events may need additional employees for the duration of that assignment. These employees may also reduce the workload for your permanent employees while also conserving costs. 

Temporary to permanent hires can also be a key way to find new employees. Your business can fill a gap after a permanent employee has left or when you grow, but you and the new employee can see if the position is a good fit. You can evaluate the employee’s skills, ability to learn, and job dedication without a long-term commitment. The agency may charge a fee to you for finding the employee, but it could be significantly more affordable than if your business does a full recruitment and hiring process. 

Temp Time

Every business owner might need to hire temps occasionally, whether it’s for a few hours or for several months. Temp agencies that provide temporary staffing services can provide the right solution at the right time for your business needs.