How To Increase YouTube Subscribers Fast To Your Channel

how to increase youtube subscribers

Is your YouTube channel new with few subscribers and views, or have you held it for months or years? So far, do you have a satisfactory number of subscribers and video engagement? The normal pursuit of every YouTuber is for them to have as many subscribers as possible along with increased viewership numbers.

As a newbie or veteran content creator, you can barely attract many YouTube video fans without some of the suggestions this article details below. Remember that the number of your views is largely dependent on the count of your subscribers to your YouTuber channel, since they will check back for new videos and be alerted to updates more often. Therefore, stick around for 6 smart insights on alluring people to crave more of your vid content, thus securing more subscribers and views on YouTube.

1. Upload Videos Consistently

One who is fond of publishing their videos from time to time attains new subs every once in a while. This is compared to those who take the time to update the next video. A thing about YouTube audiences is that they want to keep being entertained, and if you cannot offer that, they will not be dazzled to keep up with your channel.

Looking at channels with remarkable subscribers, more than two videos are broadcasted in seven days. If one is fascinated by the content, more so if it is authentic, it is likely that the person will subscribe. Viewers will do so to ensure that they do not miss out on any video produced, which is a gain for the creator.

Therefore, you must always be on the go with your art in content creation. This is one of the ways to keep or captivate a fan on your channel.

Guide on how to upload a video on YouTube:

2. Come Up With Prime Videos

Most of the audience is not enticed to view clips they can barely hear or see over faint video or audio. As a content creator, try and locate a good camera and microphone that bring about a video that is likable to people.

A good video, despite its length, will see a person watch till the end. If it meets their taste, they will not only subscribe but also like and share the video. Peep at some of how you can attain a quality video:

• Take your video in a less noisy place to ensure that everything it says can be heard.

• Locate great Dictaphones to ensure that your audio is understandable so one can discern every word in the video.

• Ensure that you have envisioned your art before putting it into a video. This will help you avoid saying irrelevant things that end up boring your viewers. Check on if you are a beginner and have never written a script.

• Have good lighting to brighten up the video. You may consider acquiring a ring light.

• Avoid creating too long videos and while shooting, do it horizontally.

• As you edit the video, do not just make it plain. You should add some jump cuts to bring attention to some of its segments, which makes it interesting.

• Search for an excellent video editing program with enticing themes.

• Before you consider your video as one that is ready for publishing, make sure you watch it repeatedly. This is to make adjustments to a part you may have missed.

3. Gather A Subscriber Watermark To Your Videos

As your video continues to run, it is better to emphasize to your viewers to hit the subscribe button persistently. Let the watermark appear at least three times, depending on the length of your video.

This is preferably at the beginning, middle, and end of it. The watermark could appear as your brand or as a logo that your supporters identify you with to help protect your content.

4. Interact With Your Supporters

To increase your subs, you must respond to your viewers. This way, they feel recognized and appreciated.

If one spent their time and money to view your video to show their support by helping secure your livelihood, why not stop by and show gratitude? Honoring them with your thanks will encourage them to share your videos, thus attracting more supporters to your channel.

As you do so, motivate them to give an opinion concerning your content. Accord them a platform to share what they want to see more from you. This is a way to get recommendations on what to shoot, and you will have videos to upload frequently. Moreover, you will be enabled to maintain your already subscribed fellows.

To better interact with your supporters, gift those with the best comments. Also, you could do a live video and communicate one-on-one with them.

5. Market Your Content On Various Platforms

To entice people to your channel, market your videos on other platforms. They will reach many people compared to when you only post them on YouTube. This can be achieved by:

Social Media

Having an account on nearly every social media platform is of great significance. You might not attain your desired subs if your video is only streamed on YouTube. Nowadays, most creators have Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook accounts. Maximize on such and many more platforms to cover many people. Ensure you attach your YouTube video link upon posting anything across these platforms.

Leverage On Influencers

Influencers have people following them on social media and loyal fans who watch and support anything they post. Upon a consensus, pass them your YouTube links and let them market your videos which will aid you in acquiring plenty of subscribers.

You could also create clips with them and post the content on your channel. It would help if you were smart to earn on YouTube.

6. Formulate Engrossing Content

Nobody wants to watch boring videos. So, you should come up with art that is amusing to people for you to gain their subscription. To attain interesting content on YouTube, pick up on some of these tips:

• Be authentic in your craft

• Have an intriguing introduction to your videos. The vibe you give at the start will determine whether one will persist in viewing.

• Settle your craft to target a certain audience. It helps in being consistent.

• Pick on cute graphics to add to your content to help get more provoking.

When your YouTube is growing slowly, do not be demotivated to continue making videos. Read this through for encouragement:


Searching on how to increase your subscribers? This is the article you need since creating a YouTube channel without working on it will not miraculously bring you, subscribers. You need to work on its growth by following the hints mentioned above. Always remember that CONSISTENCY is key to increasing the number of subscribers one gets. If it is not your 24/7 thing, ensure you create time to produce content.